Support from Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Nutrition2change was founded by Paula Sawicka, a personal trainer and nutritionist who has always been passionate about helping others reach their goals. She offers guidance on fitness, nutrition, healthy eating, and much more!

7 step guide to healthy eating


The 7 Step Guide To Healthy Eating

Download our 7 Step Guide to Healthy Eating which presents 7 strategies to eat healthy whilst still enjoying the things you love.  

What’s included?

personal trainer and nutritionist, Paula Sawicka

Why people need a nutritionist?

Figuring out what foods to eat can be overwhelming. Trying to create a balance between carbs, proteins, and fats can be daunting as well.

Imagine having someone who will tell you not just what foods to eat but when and how often. Getting to choose from a series of delicious recipes that taste great too. Plus, being able to workout from home or at the gym with programs created by your personal trainer.

Meet your nutritionist and personal trainer, who also offers lab testing services such as blood pressure analysis and cholesterol panels. Get started today with our variety of services that are tailored to each individual client’s needs.

healthy snack idea

8 Healthy Snack Foods to Get You From One Meal to the Next

With the pandemic, our work schedules and everyday lives are dramatically different than what we were used to in the past years. Many of us are living in the age of digital meetings and bumping into friends at the store. We must find healthy foods that allow us to eat...

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