15 Best Vegetables for Weight Loss

best vegetables for weight loss

Eating healthy isn’t always easy, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. After all, there are so many FAD diets out there telling you that eating this will help you lose weight, and eating that will make it worse. It’s no wonder we need some sort of guideline to help us figure out what to eat and what not to eat when we’re trying to lose weight! Here are 15 best vegetables for weight loss according to dietitians and scientific research.

1) Broccoli

One of the best vegetables for weight loss is broccoli. It is low in calories and very high in fibre. One cup of chopped broccoli contains only 55 calories but delivers a whopping 5 grams of fibre—about one third of your daily requirements. Research suggests that dietary fibre may help you lose weight by aiding digestion, reducing hunger and increasing feelings of fullness.

A 2021 study found that consuming broccoli regularly reduces weight by increasing insulin sensitivity. This means that the body becomes more efficient at using calories and sugars for energy rather than being stored in the body for later use.

Furthermore, broccoli is also rich in calcium, potassium, folate and vitamins C and K. Thanks to these nutrients, broccoli helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which reduces your risk of heart disease. This has been proven by a number of studies.

2) Carrots

Another vegetable marked as one of the best vegetables for weight loss is carrots. Carrots are very nourishing with plenty of nutrients like vitamins A and C as well as minerals like Calcium and Iron. Thanks to these nutrients, carrots offer anti-inflammatory benefits, lower blood pressure, and strengthen your immunity.

Aside from their nutritional profile, carrots help you lose weight by being low in calories and really high in fibre. One cup of chopped carrots provide only 55 calories and 4.7g fibre. As a result, you’ll feel satiated for much longer and experience lower cravings. This will help you lose weight.

One major study found that including carrots as part of your diet reduces your overall intake of food for the rest of the day. This study reported that participants who consumed carrots lost more weight than those who didn’t.

Enjoy cooked carrots with your favorite meal or top them with tahini sauce for a light afternoon snack. It’s recommended that you eat between 1 and 2 cups of carrot sticks daily for optimal health benefits.

3) Prunes


Prunes are dried plums with a sweet flavor. With only 6.1 g of dietary fibre per 100g, they’re a great addition to your diet if you’re trying to lose weight. Not only are they filling and high in fibre, but they contain boron, a mineral shown in studies to promote fat metabolism and reduce blood pressure.

A study found in University of Liverpool investigated the effected of prunes on weight loss, and it found that the group eating prunes as part of a healthy life-style diet lost 2kg in weight and shed 2.5cm off their waists.

According to a 2012 study in Obesity, prunes have a beneficial effect on weight loss. They contain a compound called D-glucarate, which slows down and lowers your body’s production of cholesterol. By slowing down cholesterol production, you can lower total blood cholesterol levels and help reduce belly fat. Prunes are one of many weight loss friendly foods that make up part of a healthy diet. If you’re looking for a healthy meal plan that will help you achieve the physique you love, be sure to check out the 21-day Meal Plan with Recipes.

4) Blueberries

Packed with antioxidants and a healthy dose of dietary fiber, blueberries are one of nature’s most impressive superfoods. Blueberries have also been shown to help lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. It’s not hard to see why they’ve earned their reputation as a fat-burning powerhouse—their combination of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients makes them an ideal addition to any weight loss plan.

A 2011 study (and many others) investigated the effects of blueberries on weight loss and it was found that they reduce insulin resistance which, in turn, help the body shed a few pounds. Insulin resistance is one of the major problems in obesity and the cause of type-2 diabetes. So, with blueberries reducing insulin resistance, that makes them one of the best foods for weight loss.

Want to give them a try? Add them to salads, smoothies, yogurts, and more. They can even be eaten plain.

5) Summer Squash

Summer squash is a perennial vegetable that comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, green and white. Like its name suggests, summer squash is popularly eaten during the summer months. It’s often prepared by grilling or sautéing it with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Some of summer squash’s most impressive weight loss benefits are related to its low-calorie content. Summer squash has only 16 calories per half cup serving. For someone trying to lose weight, cutting out unnecessary calories can make it easier to get down on pounds quickly. Just one cup of summer squash will provide 20 percent of your daily vitamin C needs—something your body needs for metabolism and energy production as well as immunity.

6) Peppers

Bell peppers are an excellent addition to your weight loss diet because they have a relatively low calorie content and are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They’re also rich in soluble fibre, which helps slow down digestion and keeps you full longer than simple carbohydrates do. Plus, they add an irresistible kick of flavor to anything you add them to—from salads and sandwiches to stir-fries and soups.

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7) Chili Peppers

chili peppers

The capsaicin in chili peppers has been shown to increase energy expenditure, meaning it can boost your metabolism and burn calories faster. Plus, they’re pretty delicious, which means you won’t be missing out on too much while adding these veggies into your diet. Pair them with a little olive oil and a dash of salt for an easy snack that could actually help boost your weight loss!

There are plenty of studies out there that prove chili peppers to be one of the best vegetables for weight loss. A 2017 study found that consuming capsaicin found in chili peppers can significantly increase your resting metabolic rate and increase weight loss.

8) Cucumber

All vegetables are low in calories, but cucumbers can actually help you lose weight. Not only do they have few calories and high fiber content, but cucumbers also contain special phytonutrients that improve water retention and promote weight loss.

A 2016 study found that consuming low-calorie foods including cucumbers can significantly help in weight loss. However, these vegetables help you shed pounds because they reduce your cravings and overall food consumption. There is nothing particular within cucumbers themselves that aids in weight loss.

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9) Garlic

Garlic is one of the best vegetables for weight loss, and also commonly referred to as a superfood. It can reduce cholesterol, help keep your blood pressure in check and helps keep your heart healthy. Studies have found that it may also help boost your immune system and even ward off certain types of cancer.

The bonus: You’ll be able to stay fuller longer after eating garlic-rich foods because they contain allicin, which has been shown to slow down stomach emptying. When it comes to weight loss, garlic is a dieter’s best friend.

10) Onions

An onion is a vegetable that comes in various sizes and shapes, with white, yellow and red being common varieties. It’s also one of those very powerful foods in nature which can help you to lose weight. But if you ask how do onions aid weight loss, then it will be slightly tough for us to explain, because there are no clear cut details on how exactly an onion does its job. A lot of studies have been carried out on an onion and it seems that quite a few active ingredients have been identified as potent fat burners.

A 2016 study investigated the correlation between an onion and fat loss, and it found that consuming an onion regularly (whether cooked or raw) can significantly reduce your overall body fat percentage.

11) Spinach


Spinach is in a class of its own. No other vegetable offers such an impressive nutritional profile, and few deliver so many nutrients in such an easy-to-consume package.

Spinach is also extremely versatile: A salad green, sure, but also a great addition to smoothies, soups and even pasta dishes. Popeye knew what he was talking about—spinach is loaded with iron and Vitamins K and A; and although it’s not known as a weight loss food per se, spinach can aid weight loss by preventing overeating thanks to its high fibre content and slowing digestion time (meaning you won’t be hungry for hours after eating spinach).

12) Tomatoes

Tomatoes are bursting with fibre and help you feel full for longer. A study in Nutrition Journal found that participants who ate half a fresh tomato along with low-calorie foods felt more satiated and ate less than those who didn’t eat tomatoes. And because tomatoes have a relatively low calorie count, eating them can aid in weight loss without making you feel like you’re starving yourself. You can easily add these red fruits to sandwiches or salads, or take advantage of their flavor in healthy salsas and soups.

Another benefit: Tomatoes contain lycopene, which researchers at Ohio State University say may help prevent prostate cancer. Lycopene also has anti-inflammatory properties that could help prevent asthma and osteoarthritis symptoms, researchers say.

13) Kale

Kale is one of the best vegetables for weight loss because it is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Kale leaves are good sources of many nutrients, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium and more. It’s also high in fibre so it will help you feel full and satisfied without consuming too many calories. There are even studies that show eating kale may help slow weight gain or prevent weight gain in some people.

If you’re concerned about what foods to eat for weight loss – make sure you add kale into your diet plan! Kale can be eaten raw in salads or it can be cooked as kale chips.

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14) Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are an easy, nutrient-dense vegetable that are one of the best vegetables for weight loss. If you’re not a fan of their bitter taste and smell, soak them in water before cooking.

Brussels sprouts contain vitamin C and manganese—two nutrients that aid in weight loss by reducing inflammation and helping your body detoxify chemicals more easily. It’s also a member of the cruciferous family which includes cabbage, kale, broccoli and cauliflower.

15) Celery

Celery has been named and examined for being the best vegetable for weight loss.

Celery is a source of inulin, a natural, non-digestible carbohydrate that supports healthy digestion and helps you feel full longer. Inulin may also aid in weight loss by boosting satiety and supporting regularity. Studies show that supplementing with inulin can aid in weight loss, but it doesn’t appear to have any effect on body composition. In fact, one study showed no differences between a low-fat diet with or without supplementation of inulin among overweight adults over an eight-week period. That said, adding celery—which is low in calories and high in fibre—to your daily meals could help you lose weight if you’re consuming fewer calories each day while feeling satisfied.


While most vegetables are a good choice when trying to lose weight, there are some which offer better nutritional value per calorie than others. For example, carrots contain more calories per serving than almost any other veggie, but they also provide a good source of essential vitamins and nutrients. Broccoli and lettuce deliver large amounts of vitamin C without containing many calories at all.

With so many tasty options, eating a variety of veggies is one of easiest ways you can meet your daily intake requirements while cutting down on excess fat and calories as well.

In this article, we went over 15 best vegetables for weight loss which should be added into your diet for better results. If you’re unsure how to eat healthy and build a proper meal plan for yourself, be sure to speak to a nutritionist or download our most popular guide to healthy eating.

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