5 main ways to overcome winter blues

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Winter blues got you feeling down? Short days, cold weather and reduced social interaction can get you feeling depressed. If you’d like to understand what winter blues are and what causes them, then make sure to check out our previous post.

In this post, we will cover 5 main ways to help you tackle winter blues! Bring back your bubbly self and start feeling positive with these 5 techniques.

1. Get active

Exercise is one of the best ways to tackle not only winter blues but also other mental health problems like stress, anxiety and depression. You may be wondering how could exercise help you overcome winter blues? Well let’s think about, exercise is the best way of changing the shape of your body. If there is something you are insecure about then exercise is the way to change it. When you work on things you may be feeling insecure about then you feel more confident and happier in yourself.

If your goal is to lose weight then you MUST check out our comparison of high intensity workouts to low intensity workouts for fat loss.

2. Get some fresh air

Winter days are dark, rainy or maybe snowy and you may not want to go outside but getting some fresh air can help you wake up, freshen up and regain some energy to do something. Try to go for a wee walk even at lunch time when it is still light outside. If you are feeling lonely or down, being surrounded by other people can help a lot. Maybe smile to a stranger to make their day, and they might smile back at you to brighten up your day too!

Check out the LSW Mind Cards created by a very friendly psychologist. There are daily cards for a more fulfilling life. They are great because everyday you take a new card and you never know what it could be. One card may challenge you to do something positive like smile to a stranger, another one may challenge you to work on your mental health through a short meditation or you could receive a quote of wisdom to help you stay more positive.

These cards are definitely worth purchasing if you struggle with mental health. You can get them here. You can also take a look at other products LSW offers that help you reduce stress and improve self-esteem.

3. Keep warm

Let’s just agree the feeling of cold is one of the worst right?! Yes, it is!

It has actually been proven that the feeling of cold can make you feel down and somewhat depressed. It has also been shown that staying warm can reduce the symptoms of winter blues by half.

To keep warm, always make sure to get a fluffy hoody (maybe steal one from your partner if you don’t have one.. or a sibling!) and a thick jacket. Whereas inside, you can warm yourself up with a hot drink like tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

4. Surround yourself with light

The major trigger for winter blues is the lack of light so the best way to overcome them is by surrounding yourself with some light. For instance, wear bright colours so you can feel happier anywhere you go. Another way is by changing up your interior. Increase lighting in your property so your surroundings feel brighter and make you feel a little happier.

5. Use a Lumie Sun lamp

Lumie sun lamps are also known as SAD therapy lamps. These have shown to ease symptoms of depression and seasonal affection disorder (winter blues). These lamps provide similar benefits as the sun making them great for improving energy levels and helping you feel a little better.

Amazon provides a great variety of lumie Lamps. For instance, you can take a look at this one which is perfect for regular use at times you need it. Alternatively, you can even get a lumie lamp with an alarm clock which will wake you up with a sweet sun rise to help you to take control of your day!


Winter blues can make you feel down, demotivated and stressed but there are techniques that you can use to mitigate the symptoms of winter blues. Start getting active, go outside and socialise, and surround yourself with bright colours and lighting to help you stay positive.

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