5 Natural pre-workout foods

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Regular exercise can truly take a toll on your body. Some people exercise as much as 5-7 days a week and by the time it’s the weekend, they just want to crawl on the floor and sleep. We get it! Therefore, it’s important to fuel your workouts with the right kind of foods  to make the most of them. In this article, we will look at 5 natural pre-workout foods that can help you with that.

We are aware that you may have seen pre-workout supplements out there, and although they are great in providing you energy, they are also high in caffeine which can give you severe jitters, body aches and itching. Natural pre-workout foods can also give you a great boost!

The most important thing to understand about pre-workouts that these are meant to give you energy so you can exercise longer and harder. So, what’s the best macro-nutrient that provides the most of your energy? Our beloved carbohydrates (carbs). A great pre-workout food should be high in carbohydrates and fiber, and moderate in protein and fats. Let’s take a look at the best pre-workout foods.

Pre-workout foods

1. Bananas

We placed bananas as number one because it is high in carbs as well as potassium, both of these combined make bananas the perfect pre-workout food. Carbohydrates act as the main source of energy to fuel your workouts whereas potassium helps  to maintain proper nerve function and muscle contraction during exercise.

2. Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk has shown some impressive post-workout benefits. It has been discovered that chocolate milk can help you build muscle and improve recovery if you take it post-workout thanks to its protein content. However, it is certainly underrated when it comes to drinking it pre-workout.  Chocolate milk contains a high % of sugars which are of course a type of carbohydrate. It is also moderate in protein and fats which are simply other reasons why chocolate milk is great for pre-workout.

3. Oats

These are categorised as healthy carbohydrates and contain a high % of fiber. Fiber slows down digestion which means that the carbohydrates will be released into your body gradually. This is really important, especially if your workout lasts longer than 1 hour as oats will maintain a consistent level of energy throughout your workout. Oats also contain vitamin B  which participate in a process to convert carbohydrates into energy.

4. Dried fruit

Dried fruits are so easy to take anywhere and require no preparation. This makes them perfect for people who live busy lives. The best bunch for pre-workout are dried berries, apricots, figs and pineapple. These dried fruits are a great source of simple sugars which means these are easily digestible, providing you a boost for explosive workouts.

5. Apples

Both green and red apples provide 81-84% of water, simple carbohydrates and fiber. Therefore, apples will not only keep you hydrated, provide energy but also keep you satiated throughout your workout. Did you know that Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, eats 1 red apple before his workouts? He finds that it helps to fuel his workouts and get him through a good gym session.

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Overall, we believe that natural pre-workout foods are much healthier than supplements because supplements are highly concentrated in sugars and caffeine which are not great for your heart. You may also experience side effects like jitters, aching and itching as a result of supplements. So grab a humble banana or an apple and get to work! Also, don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to download 20 FREE nutrition and exercise tips as well as 6 fat loss recipes. Sign up below.


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