5 Reasons Why You Should Use Sports Supplements to Speed Up Your Exercise Results

sports supplements

Sports supplements are an important part of any athlete’s routine because they make it easier to get the nutrition you need to keep your body healthy and perform your best. As someone who exercises regularly, you may be wondering how and when you should use these products to help speed up your results, so we’ve put together this list of the top five benefits sports supplements can provide you.

1) They Help Improve Performance

When you work out, your body experiences both acute and chronic stress. Acute stress is what makes you physically stronger; it’s that feeling of discomfort, fatigue and mild pain you feel after working out. Chronic stress—the kind that comes from things like poor diet, not enough sleep or inconsistent exercise—is what causes your body to break down over time. When you take supplements, especially those that contain branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), they help decrease acute stress on your muscles by speeding up recovery after a workout and helping maintain proper protein synthesis levels. In other words, they help improve performance.

2) They Increase Muscle Mass

Supplementing with sports nutrition products such as creatine and protein powder can help increase muscle mass and strength. The more muscle you have, particularly in relation to your weight, typically results in a higher caloric burn when exercising. For example, someone who is six feet tall weighing 130 pounds is going to have a much easier time burning calories than someone who is four foot ten weighing 120 pounds. This is because muscle mass increases metabolism (the number of calories we burn just existing) so even if you’re sitting around doing nothing, you’ll be using more energy than an individual with less muscle mass or body fat. Therefore, if you want faster exercise results it’s important that you build lean muscle tissue by including supplementation into your workout routine.

3) They can Prevent Injury

Many sports supplements can help you prevent injury. For example, creatine helps with muscle building and can lessen your chances of becoming injured during a workout. Glucosamine aids in strengthening joints and tendons and is used by many professional athletes to prevent injuries. It’s also thought that glucosamine may be used by athletes before athletic competition to give them an extra edge, but there is no scientific evidence that it really works. However, it can’t hurt—and you’ll have faster exercise results from using sports supplements like these!

4) They Control Weight Gain

Many sports supplements come with a fat-burning edge. This is because many of them are designed specifically for people who want to slim down. By helping your body lose weight, you’ll be able to see more muscle faster than if you simply ran on a treadmill at home each day. If you’re working out and trying not to gain weight, then consider supplementing. Some options include Garcinia Cambodia, glucomannan and green tea extract; all of these can help prevent new fat cells from forming in your body and can also help rid your body of existing fat deposits.

5) Healthy Diet

If you’re looking for faster exercise results, you can use sports supplements. Research shows that adding supplements such as protein powder, fish oil and other essential vitamins and minerals can increase your muscle size and strength faster than diet alone. In fact, scientists say that by simply combining an effective training program with a well-designed nutrition plan along with daily intake of quality supplements you can achieve better health, maximize your performance level and increase lean muscle mass — all while cutting down on body fat. When it comes to fitness, fast results are a good thing!

How should you take supplements?

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If you’re not sure which supplements are right for you, consider starting with multivitamins, which provide a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs. Once you’ve worked out whether or not supplements might be useful for your fitness goals, then it’s time to look at what kind of results you want from your supplement usage. If you want faster results from exercise, then it might be worthwhile taking creatine; otherwise, look into amino acids that can boost muscle growth. Workout endurance can be boosted with beta-alanine; BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) are good if you don’t eat enough protein in your diet and glutamine is useful for post-workout recovery.

There are many supplements out there that support your exercise results in a variety of ways. In terms of dosage, always follow the instructions on the packaging. Since all sports supplements are formulated differently, it’s fair to say that they should also be taken at different dosage. So, always check for packaging.

How long will it take to see results?

If you’re wondering how long it will take you to see results, how much time and effort your new regimen will require, it’s a good idea to talk with a professional. Most personal trainers can offer insight on proper nutrition, as well as an honest assessment of your starting level of fitness and what it might take for you to meet your goals. If money is tight, check with your local university or community college. Many facilities have free or low-cost seminars and even classes dedicated specifically to exercise or health issues related to your goal. Even if they don’t have a class specific to what you want info on, someone at those facilities should be able to help point you in a direction that will be helpful.


There are so many benefits that sports supplements can bring to an athlete or a person who exercises regularly. Most people will turn a blind eye to them as they say they are just for bodybuilders. That is not true, these supplements can also benefit distance runners, cross fitters and any other person who exercises on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for bigger muscles or faster results, using supplements is a great way to get there.

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