5 Strength Training Mistakes as a Beginner

strength training mistake

Strength training exercises have become quite popular. For many beginners, going to the gym to tone their bodies is the best way to achieve their goals. However, no one is perfect. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are bound to make mistakes. Thus, to avoid them, here is the list of common strength training mistakes that beginners make.

1. Ignoring body signals

Ignoring body signals is one of the common mistakes several beginners do. After a workout, if your body is oddly sore in some places or if you are taking an excessively long time to recover, then this could be a warning sign. It means that the workout routine is too strenuous for you. In this case, switching to another exercise routine is essential to prevent injury.

2. Skipping warm-ups

A good warm-up helps increase your body temperature, gets your nervous system started and improves body movement. It also gets your heart pumping, ensuring seamless blood circulation throughout the body before an intense workout. Lack of warm-ups can lead to injuries. So instead of starting your day directly with heavy exercises, spend some time on concentrated warm-ups. You can include some stretching exercises and muscle movement before the workout routine.

3. Inadequate amount of rest between exercises

Your body needs 24-18 hours to recover from a workout. It also depends on the intensity and the diet you follow. But the best way to let your body recover is to rest. Exercises are meant to stimulate growth in the body. But this growth will only take place if you are getting adequate rest. Rest also helps your muscles get ready for the next workout regime.

4. Concentrating on the same muscles

Unlike working under the guidance of a professional, beginners usually concentrate only on one particular area of the body instead of overall growth. Some might exercise to increase only the chest and upper arm strength, ignoring the legs, core and other muscles. Such ignorance creates an imbalance in the body, creating muscle tension. Thus, it is essential to get a full-body workout. So try including exercises that concentrate on every part of your body to maintain a balance.

5. Forgetting your primary goal

Another strength training mistake is forgetting your primary goal. Before starting a workout routine, people usually have a goal in mind. Whether it is to gain weight, lose weight or even have a healthy body, the goal is what motivates them to stick to an exercise routine. However, more often than not, people forget their goals and can be easily side-tracked. Building a healthy body requires consistency, and skipping workouts can cause more harm than good. So make sure to choose one goal, create a plan and stick to it religiously to achieve results.

6. Not eating enough

Nutrition and exercises go hand-in-hand. Usually, people often forget the nutrition aspect while exercising. But, for an optimal experience, eating enough is important, which includes pre and post-workout nutrition. Your body needs enough fuel for a seamless workout routine. So, make sure that you maintain a well-balanced diet while undergoing strength training.

7. Following improper techniques and methods

Following improper techniques and methods is also another strength training mistake. Once you have a fitness goal in mind, planning a structured workout routine is important. Losing or gaining weight is an extensive process that can only be achieved through a proper workout regime. You would need to learn correct exercises and techniques and the frequency they need to be performed in. Exercising without proper methods can lead to injuries. Thus, here the best way would be to hire a personal trainer or coach.

8. Going too heavy

Lifting heavy weights may seem tempting, but lifting them without any prior training can cause injuries. For beginners, it is best to start with the lightest weight and gradually increase them. Also, in the beginning, maintaining your form is far more important than lifting heavy weights as your muscles need time to get used to the given stimuli. Once your muscles are sufficiently toned, you can lift heavy weights. If you prefer training at home, check out the best exercises to do at home in this post.

9. Measuring and relying on wrong results

The last strength training mistake is measuring and relying on wrong results. A person going through a weight loss process thinks that the best way to keep track of things is by noting down the scaling results. But they fail to understand that while some exercises focus on weight, some focus on muscle building. While keeping track of things, sometimes the results can be demotivating. Here, judging the process solely based on your weight can be a bad idea. Instead, it is important to track the overall progress to measure fitness results accurately.


Above are some mistakes that beginners tend to make. The best way to avoid these mistakes is to take help from a personal trainer or coach. Strength training requires a lot of consistent work to achieve a set of objectives. Proper planning, small goals, and continuous training can ensure that you enjoy excellent overall health. But, to avoid any injuries, stay away from the above mistakes.

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