20 Weeks to Getting Ripped

Get ready to be the best you. This is the best program for building muscle and burning fat. You’ll look better and feel better in just 20 weeks.

bulk n cut program

Reach Your Goals Faster

Get a complete body transformation without wasting time on anything else - from exercise routines to diet plans and recipes - without having to do a thing but order this guide!

Transform Yourself

Download a complete fitness plan on an easy-to-follow program with 20 weeks worth of exercises mapped out for muscle building and fat shedding, tasty high protein recipes to eat healthy on a budget, meal plans to take the guesswork out of dieting, and nutrition guidance to drive the greatest results.

Scientifically proven

A workout plan that's created by a personal trainer using proven techniques and exercises.


List of chapters included in this meal plan.

Energy Balance and metabolism

In this chapter, you'll learn what energy balance is and how to manipulate it throughout this program to achieve the shredded physique.

Calories and Macronutrients

How to calculate calories and macronutrients to reach optimum nutrition to support your health and fitness goals throughout this program.

Healthy meals and portion sizes

You'll learn how to create healthy meals. You'll also get access to 3 sample meal plans.

Pre and Post workout meals

You'll learn about the best meal and food choices as well as the best meal timings before and after exercise to optimise your results.


In this chapter, we'll discuss the most important supplements that you'll need. Although these are not necessary, they are recommended.

20-week Bulk n'cut workout plan

This workout plan is divided into 12 weeks of bulking and building muscles followed by 8 weeks of shedding fat.

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What readers say

Tested, proven and loved. 


I've always wanted to understand how all those fitness models get into their physique and this guide does exactly that. It's nice how Paula doesn't hold back from speaking the secrets!



This is really well structured and easy to follow. I started seeing great results in just the first week. 



This is a really comprehensive workout plan. I'm loving the intensity. 


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About Author

Hey! My name is Paula Sawicka, and I am a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer. Over the last several years, I have helped hundreds of people just like you to eat healthy, exercise, and feel great. 

Since fitness programs are commonly way too demanding and hard to follow, I wanted to create something easy to follow and appropriate for most people who lead moderately busy lives. 

A 20-week exercise plan that provides carefully designed exercise schedule and gym split with proper nutrition guidance so you can achieve the physique you desire. No more guessing. No more stressing. 

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