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Losing weight can be difficult, and with all the misleading information out there can make things even more difficult. In this article you will learn about 8 factors that you have control over which will help you loseweight.

Speed up metabolism to torch fat

Metabolism is one of the major components that either helps you lose weight and keep it off or hinders weight loss. Have you ever seen a skinny person eating like an absolute train and stay skinny? Or maybe you’ve seen an overweight person barely eating, and yet maintaining their current weight? This will be due to their metabolisms.

Metabolism refers to your body’s ability to burn calories at rest, especially when you are resting. For instance, when you are sleeping you will burn an amount of calories, an average person may lose approximately 150-200 calories per night. However, if your metabolism is fast then you’ll burn a lot more but if your metabolism is slow you may burn less.

If your metabolism is fast, you will be able to burn more calories per day and create a bigger caloric deficit. However, if your metabolism is slow, then any amount of calories you consume might simply contribute towards your weight. The best ways to speed up metabolism is by performing HIIT exercises, sleep 8 hours a night and eat thermogenic foods like grapefruit. Another thing you could use is equipment that can help you sweat a little more and create heat, like Neoprene Waist Trainers. These waist trainers are not only great for forcing the body to sweat but also helps to reshape your waist. You can find some great waist shapers on

Promote weight loss with sleep

Sleep deprivation can affect your ability to lose weight in a variety of ways. Firstly, it increases your appetite. People who are tired tend to eat more during the day to get enough energy and compensate for the lack of sleep. Eating more calories during the day may lead to unintentional overeating. If you eat more calories than what your body requires to maintain your current weight then you will accumulate weight. If one day, you will eat more than you should have, simply reduce your caloric intake over the next 3 days to balance your calories out. This will minimise the weight gain.

Another way that sleep deprivation can hinder weight loss is due to late night snacks. Eating snack at night can hinder weight loss because your metabolism slows down during hours when you are supposed to be asleep. Therefore, eating during that time means that even if you eat something light can cause excess of calories. In addition to slower metabolism at night time, sleep deprivation can actually slow down your metabolism all together making it easier for your body to gain weight.

Enjoy the foods you love

PHAD diets are diets like Keto, Intermittent Fasting, clean eating etc. Although these diets have shown some weight loss potential, they are very difficult to adhere and sustain over a lengthy period. Think about it this way, intermittent fasting limits the time frame in which you can eat food, Keto limits your consumption of carbohydrates and clean eating limits consumption of your favorite foods and snacks. There’s only one thing this can lead to- BINGE EATING. Once you break and give into your cravings, it’s not only difficult to stop until you can’t eat anymore but also accumulates excess calories. Only setting you up for weight regain or weight gain. In addition to excess calories, PHAD diets can also suppress your metabolism because restricting your calories leads to metabolic adaptations which means that your metabolism will slow down in line with your caloric intake.

What can you take from it? Consume a diet you can adhere to and do not minimise your calories more than you need to. To lose 1lbs of weight, you need to reduce your maintenance calories by 500 calories per day. Check out our macro-nutrient calculator that can help you calculate this.

Drink alcohol the right way to limit weight gain

We know that some of you may argue “But we got to live too!” so, we are not saying you need to stop drinking alcohol all together. But set yourself some limits, and those limits should be set against your goal and your total daily calorie allowance.

So, 1 unit of alcohol is 10ml/8g of pure alcohol, 1g of alcohol is 7 calories. Therefore, 1 unit of alcohol is 56 calories (8g per unit x 7 calories per gram). In order to calculate how many calories you are consuming from pure alcohol, calculate the amount of units that are in your drink using the equation provided, multiply it by 8 (grams per unit) and then multiply that figure by 7 (calories per gram).

For example, let’s take our hypothetical pint of strong lager which we calculated had 2.95 units of pure alcohol. So we would multiply 2.95 by 8 = 23.6g. Then, multiply 23.6 by 7 = 165.2 calories of pure alcohol. 

This is just calculating the alcohol, not including your juice, double shots, glass size (could include more juice), and anything else that could be included in a drink. With one drink you could potentially consume 200-300 calories, sometimes more, per 1 drink! You could be overeating by drinking alcohol in addition to your daily meals.

Drink fewer smoothies to lose weight

How many of you, but truly, fell into believing that fruit smoothies will help you lose weight? Before you get mad, let us explain. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are amazing for providing your body with nutrients, and some of these nutrients may even contribute to helping your body lose weight, but the truth is a little more complex.

Smoothies, especially fruit smoothies, are very high in calories due to the high content of sugars. Although these sugars may be natural, it does not really change the fact that your body will absorb them like any other sugar. Sugars inhibit weight loss by being the primary source of energy to fuel your daily tasks and exercise. For instance, if you’ve had a sugary snack or a smoothie on a day before exercise then for the first 15-30 mins of exercise your body will mainly burn through the sugars first before it will tap into your body fat reserves.

What can you take from this? It is recommended to limit smoothie intake to no more than 150ml per day, this will minimise the effect of sugar on weight loss and exercise. By doing this, you should be able to make the most of your exercise by allowing your body to tap into fats a lot sooner than 15-30mins.

Drinking more water isn’t as successful strategy as you may think

We have seen this so many times “Drink water to lose weight!” and yes, it is a great trick to fill up your tummy with water but it won’t keep you full for very long. You will soon need to go to the toilet which will leave your stomach empty all over again, and there’s only so much water you can drink a day before it becomes harmful.

Another thing is, some people mistake drinking water with coffee or tea. Please bear in mind, that some coffees, especially with added sugar, will contain calories.  Plus, coffee and tea have a diuretic effect which means that these are dehydrating. Not only your body will be able to obtain less water to what you actually have in your cup but also, tea and coffee will make you go to the toilet more often.

The recommended trick is to actually consume something that is more satiating which will actually keep you fuller for longer and minimise your calorie consumption over a longer period of time.

Turn off the TV to eat less

This may look like a small habit that no-one should really bother considering changing. But let us tell you, this habit needs to go! Did you know that watching TV distracts your brain from acknowledging when you are full? This means that you will eat more calories watching TV than you would if you just ate at a table without a television. This is important, don’t lose your focus because you want to watch a movie. Pause the movie if you can or watch it later online, we are in the 21st century after all.

Stop watching videos during exercise to burn more calories

This is a serious gym offense! When you go to the gym or any kind of exercise, you need to focus on your exercise and not watch Netflix or football games. How many of you are guilty of this? And be true to yourself? We’ve seen this on many occasions where a person will watch things or scroll through social media during a run on a treadmill or cycling session. However, do you know what this signifies? That you are NOT working hard enough. If you are able to cycle and watch a movie on your phone without the screen going blurry because you are powering through your workout, then you are not doing it right.

Not making the most of your exercise can greatly limit your ability to lose weight because you could be toning up more or losing more calories by working harder. Don’t enter the ‘I’m at least doing something’ or ‘I’m still losing calories’ mentality because although it is true, it is not as effective as it could be.

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We hope this post has helped you to understand the few factors that have been affecting your fitness journey. Now, are you guilty of those factors? Which ones are you going to work on? We suggest working through one at a time. Whichever you decide to work on, let us know by leaving a comment below right now. Also, sign up to our newsletter below to download 20 nutrition and exercise tips as well as 6 fat loss recipes. Sign up below!


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