FREE 30-day Squats challenge

Strengthen your thighs and quads whilst building your glutes with this 30-day squats challenge. 

What to Expect

Daily Exercises

Perform Squat variations every day with rest days every few days.

Increased difficulty

The number of squats increases throughout this challenge to make things harder every day.

30-day squats challenge

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Author spotlight

I love creating these kinds of guides, they are so simple yet hold so much power. If you are looking to kick start your fitness journey and need a challenge, this is the perfect way to go. Join others in this challenge and enjoy the results in just 30 days!

Paula Sawicka


Stronger body

Strengthen your body every single day

Carefully designed

This challenge has been designed to ensure you never plateau

Better weight management

Performing squats helps you burn a lot of calories per day resutling in weight loss.

Improved power and stamina

Improve our power and stamina with these daily workouts.

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