Goli Gummies, What are they, health benefits, side effects

goli gummies

The Goli Apple Cider Vinegar gummies have finally hit the market and everyone is going crazy!

These are the first Apple Cider Vinegar gummies that were specifically designed to make swallowing a little easier on your taste buds whilst still providing you with a variety of health benefits.

In this post, I am going to look into the ingredients, health benefits, and side effects so that you can make the most informed choice out there.

This is the most comprehensive goli gummies review on the planet that’s supported by evidence-based information.

The best part?

You’re going to know exactly why you should or shouldn’t take them and how to take them for the best results.

Let’s get started.

What are Goli Gummies?

Goli Nutrition Facts and Goli ingredients

As the name suggests these are Apple Cider Vinegar gummy sweeties created by Goli which are created with 6 main active ingredients; Apples, Beetroot, pomegranates, Vitamins B9 and B12, amino acids, and Citric acid. These gummies have been created with health, convenience, and effectiveness in mind.

Aside from antioxidant ingredients, goli nutrition offers plenty of health benefits thanks to the antioxidants, and vitamins, and minerals.

Each goli gummy has only 15 calories and 3.5g of carbohydrates which make them a great option for anyone watching their calorie intake.

You can buy Goli online on the Goli website or on Amazon but you can also get them in stores like Holland and Barrett and Walmart.

What I personally quite like about Goli gummies is that you can get them in different packages, you can purchase anything from 1 month to 5 month supply. The 1 month’s supply provides 60 gummies.

The traditional apple cider vinegar and goli gummies are quite different in a number of aspects.

Goli vs Apple Cider Vinegar – The main differences

1. Taste

The first and probably the most obvious one is the taste. Have you ever tried consuming apple cider vinegar? If you have then you’ll appreciate the taste of the Goli gummies! It tastes more like a sweetie rather than apple cider vinegar which is certainly a good thing.

Generally, apple cider vinegar consumption is great but it has a really bitter taste and many people try to take it as one straight shot followed by something to eat to cover up the taste.

Whereas taking goli gummies totally removes that problem as it’s enriched with apples and beetroot providing a more subtle and sweet taste. No more scrunched face in the mornings.

2. Infused with superfoods

So in addition to apple cider vinegar, these gummies contain beetroot and pomegranates. These two additional ingredients have some impressive benefits of their own that simply add to the already existing benefits of apple cider vinegar.

With regards to beetroot, there are several studies that show them being great lowering blood pressure, and increasing your exercise capacity.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your endurance or muscle capabilities then this is certainly one of the best ways.

You see, beetroot contains inorganic nitrates which improve the flow of oxygen and blood to the muscles. In turn, this delays the onset of fatigue. Learn more about sports nutrition here.

On the other hand, if you suffer from digestive health problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), stomach ulcers, or acid reflux, then you should take caution.

Beetroot contains FODMAPs which means it can worsen symptoms. You can see the benefits of pomegranate here.

3. Enriched with Vitamin B9 and B12

The traditional Apple Cider Vinegar naturally lacks a nutritional profile due to its making process.

Apple Cider is made by fermenting the sugar from apples, and then these sugars are converted into acetic acid which is what provides the health properties that you’ll get to see in a moment.

Whereas these gummies are enriched in vitamin B9 and B12. Vitamin B9 , also known as folate or folic acid, is a vital vitamin for growth and development whereas vitamin B12 is important for the energy systems.

The deficiency of B12 can cause serious fatigue and exhaustion. With this being said, the Goli gummies are not only a healthier option than the traditional apple cider vinegar but also help you maintain your energy levels so you can perform your daily exercise.

This is one of the reasons why you should incorporate apple cider vinegar gummies as part of your healthy lifestyle.

4. Easy to take and no vinegar smell

These gummies are so much easier to take than swallowing the traditional apple cider vinegar thanks to the lack of a strong vinegar smell.

Both the smell and vinegar taste are very bitter making them rather difficult to take.

With ACV gummies, you actually get to enjoy the taste, who would have thought!

The Health benefits of Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

goli gummies multi pack

The benefits of taking goli gummies are extensive, and these are summarised below.

May aid in weight loss

There are 3 ingredients that can actively aid in weight loss- Apple Cider Vinegar, vitamin B12 and pomegranate.

Firstly, let’s talk about the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). A 2009 study took place over 12 weeks and the outcome showed that people who consumed ACV lost more weight, burnt more fat and reduced their waist circumference compared to people who didn’t (placebo).

Another study that looked into the Apple Cider Vinegar was a 2018 study. There were 39 overweight participants who were separated into two groups. One group was placed on a restricted diet only and the second group were placed on a restricted diet and 30ml of ACV per day. This study found that the group who consumed ACV lost significantly more weight than the group who didn’t. 

Furthermore, vitamin B12 does not directly cause weight loss but it can aid in weight loss as it helps maintain a good level of energy. This can enable you to train harder and exercise for longer thus burning more calories.

Weight loss is mostly driven by an imbalance of calories, the more you burn the more weight you’ll lose. You can read on calories and the imbalance in this post.

In regards to pomegranate, this is a great ingredient to add to any weight loss diet, meal or supplement!


Because it speeds up your metabolism. This is a great way to naturally start losing weight without any significant side effects. You can read more on this here.

May suppress appetite

You read above about a 2018 study that tested 39 overweight people right? Well, this study also showed a significant reduction in appetite in people who consumed ACV.

This is one of the reasons why they were able to lose a significant amount of weight. If their appetite was reduced then they would eat fewer calories, and although they were already eating in a caloric deficit they’d be able to eat even less.

In addition, a 2005 study looked into the effects of ACV on appetite and other values. There were 12 healthy volunteers who consumed ACV in the morning with their breakfast with a portion of white bread. This study reported a significant reduction in appetite levels, especially in those who consumed higher doses of ACV.

To put it into a different perspective, when you reduce your calorie intake, your body starts tapping into your fat storage for energy leading to further weight loss.

May regulate blood sugar levels

When you eat sugary or carb-full meals then this can increase your blood sugar levels.

This is because these are broken down into (simple sugars) that will circulate around your blood in the bloodstream.

Therefore, after eating such meals or snacks you can expect your blood sugar levels to be quite high.

There was a 2017 study that demonstrated how vinegar consumption can reduce the effects of circulating glucose and insulin levels after eating foods.

The effects of ACV were recognised a lot earlier. For instance, a 1995 study found that even a small amount of vinegar on a salad dressing is enough to regulate blood sugar levels.

Stronger immune system

Your immune system can become weak if you don’t consume a healthy diet that’s filled with nutritious foods.

The good news is that apple cider vinegar not only provides live bacteria to support your gut microbiome but also provides powerful antioxidants that help to strengthen your immune system.

Taking goli gummies or apple cider vinegar can significantly support your immune system and lower the risks of getting a cold or the flu.

Taking two goli gummies a day can strengthen your immune system.

Improves heart Health

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of deaths, and these are caused by a variety of biological factors.

Some of these factors include bad cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride levels (fats in the blood).

Well, a 2006 study found that ACV is able to regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels by doing 2 things.

Firstly, it may inhibit the build up of fat in the liver.

Secondly it may promote and encourage bowel movements.

In addition, the earlier 2018 mentioned study also reported an increase to HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and a significant reduction in triglyceride levels.

May improve energy levels

As you’ve read in the earlier studies, the Goli gummies not only regulate blood sugar levels but are also enriched with vitamin B12.

When your blood sugar level is regulated or controlled then the insulin response is also improved. This in turn may improve the energy levels may be enhanced throughout the day.

In addition, the gummies are enriched with vitamin B12 which are great for energy levels.

May treat kidney stones

In the kidneys and along the urinary tract, kidney stones develop as solid masses of crystallized minerals and salts.

These minerals build up in your urine, especially when your urine is concentrated, resulting in kidney stones.

The stones vary in size and can be quite painful.

The use of ACV for treating kidney stones has been recommended by some. ACV contains acetic acid, which is thought to soften, dissolve, and break down kidney stones.

You can reduce the size of kidney stones so that they can be passed through your urine easily.

However, be careful because one of the goli gummies side effects is a reduction in potassium levels. When the levels of potassium become too low, they can contribute to the formation of kidney stones.

So, make sure to follow the correct daily dosage.


When people refer to detoxing, they mostly refer to the removal of toxins from the body.

One of the most common toxins that are found in the body are in a form of ‘free radicals’.

These are toxins found in the air that we inhale. There are a variety of vitamins and minerals that have antioxidant properties.

There are two ingredients that can actively scavenge for these free radicals and these are the pomegranates and citric acid.

Both of these ingredients contain high levels of vitamin C.

Therefore, it is fair to say that the Goli gummies can be great for daily detox.

Improves gut health

The gummy supplement has been proven through many studies (12) that Apple Cider Vinegar can improve gut health thanks to its prebiotic content, citric acid, and magnesium.

All these vitamins and minerals provide support for a healthy gut.

Apple cider vinegar can lower blood sugar which can reduce inflammation in the stomach. Inflammation is one of the major causal factors for delayed gastric emptying.

This means that the food you consumed may be stuck in your stomach for a longer time rather than being digested and passed through the digestive tract as it should.

This can lead to a multitude of digestive problems like chronic constipation.

Since ACV gummies and apple cider vinegar provide live gut bacteria that help to clean the digestive tract as well as bring a balance between the good and bad bacteria, you are likely to experience relief in stomach aches and inflammation.

However, be careful if you suffer from high levels of stomach acid or acid reflux because taking too many goli gummies can have adverse effects. You’ll read more about this in a moment. Find out more about gut health here.

May boost skin health

Apple cider vinegar is a well-known remedy for improving skin health and reducing the symptoms of eczema and dry skin.

The skin is naturally a little acidic and the ACV can promote a balance to the ph levels. This can improve the protective layer of the skin thus improving the way it looks.

May reduce cholesterol levels

Cholesterol levels can become high due to a number of factors including an unhealthy diet, blood pressure, and more.

Some studies have shown apple cider vinegar may reduce cholesterol levels. The studies have identified that ACV can not only reduce bad cholesterol but also increase good cholesterol making your heart safer.

Side effects and Dangers

Aside from the extensive list of goli gummies benefits, there are a few things you should know before you start taking them.

Apple cider vinegar is great for you and your overall health, but if you take too much or suffer from certain conditions then you may struggle with a few symptoms.

May cause lower levels of potassium

Taking Apple Cider Vinegar for a long period of time may reduce the potassium levels which may be unsafe. Low potassium levels can lead to muscle weakness, cramps, twitching, and abnormal heart rhythms may develop.

May be unsafe for pregnant or breastfeeding women

There are no studies that show if apple cider vinegar is safe or unsafe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Best to contact your GP.

Be cautious if you have type 2 diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes, or insulin-dependent diabetes, should be keeping an eye out for low blood sugar levels and ensure to monitor it thoroughly. It may be best to speak to your GP before apple cider vinegar supplements

Throat irritation

Some people have reported ‘throat burns’ and ‘chemical burns’ – throat irritation may be caused due to acetic acid in the apple cider vinegar. If this happens then reduce your dose to 1-2 gummies a day

Upset stomach

Make sure to build your tolerance with the Goli gummies because they are high in antioxidants so you may experience an upset stomach and cramps


Apple cider vinegar can cause migraines and headaches in some.

This is commonly caused due to a high number of antioxidants and acetic acid. The body may not be used to such a heavy detox.

Therefore, make sure to start with just one of two gummy a day until your body gets used to the ingredients.

May erode tooth enamel

Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic, much like soft drinks and fruit juices, meaning it can directly cause erosion to tooth enamel.

As you can see, despite goli gummies being super healthy, they can also cause a multitude of side effects.

What to do if you experience side effects?

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and side effects ensure to lower your dosage, take two goli gummies a day and then gradually increase your intake.

This lets the body build tolerance get used to the ingredients. Alternatively, best to speak to your doctor.

If you are wondering what’s the optimal amount of apple cider vinegar to take, then it is recommended to take 15-30ml of apple cider.

How many gummies should I take?

The Goli company suggests taking two to six gummies a day. However, taking two goli gummies is plenty and limits the potential side effects. If you’re not used to consuming citrus fruits or things that are acidic, then be sure to start with a lower dosage.

The acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar can cause a number of side effects if you don’t build up your intake slowly.


The Goli gummies are a great way of obtaining Apple Cider Vinegar without the nasty smell and taste. But in addition, you also get several health benefits since these are enriched in vitamins and minerals. It is truly impressive.

However, please remember to start off with just one or two gummies to avoid the goli gummies side effects.

If you are looking to get a bottle to try, make sure to buy goli gummies here. Also, you can use a discount code of ‘nutrition2change’ at checkout to get 5% OFF. Enjoy and stay healthy.

Did you see that Goli has recently released a new product called ‘Ashwa’? Check out our evidence-based review of this supplement here.

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151 Responses

    1. Hey! Thanks for reaching out. It is highly unlikely that Goli Gummies can cause upset stomach 🙂 It is quite acidic but as long as you remain within the recommended dosage which are two gummies a day you should be absolutely fine. I hope this helps and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.

      1. Will I reduce the effectiveness of my two goli gummies if I take a drink of water right after eating them?

        1. Hello Julie, thank you for your comment. No it will not, I can see why you’d think that but no you can drink water before or after, it will not make any difference 🙂

          1. Same as others.
            Day 4 of taking Goli gummies
            I’m taking 2 a day.
            My haemorrhoid is hurting more than usual after taking it
            Also, my stomach is very upset with watery diarrhoea

      1. Hey! Thank you for your comment.

        Goli Gummies are Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies that are simply enriched with other antioxidant ingredients that actually improve gut health. The only other time someone may experience an upset stomach is if they have a condition called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as these enriched ingredients contain FODMAPS.

        Overall these are really healthy for you 🙂

      2. I just got my bottles yesterday. I took 2 last night then had diarrhea all through the night and this morning .
        If you had experienced diarrhea did it or does it go away eventually after continuing taking them ? Or did you stop taking them?

      3. I’ve been taking 2 Goli a day for past few days and I’m experiencing severe diarrhea and bad headache.
        Hope it goes away as time goes by.
        However, I do notice that it curbs my appetite.

    2. I have been Taking these about a week now, I take 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening, I have been noticing headaches every day now for the past 3-4 days

      1. Hey Joe, thank you for your comment. So taking ACV can cause headaches, especially if you are not used to taking ACV. Despite the bottle saying you can take up to 6 gummies a day, take it easy so your body doesn’t get such a shock. I’d suggest starting with just 2 gummies a day and gradually increase your intake (if you’d like) to allow the body to build its tolerance. I hope this helps!

        1. I’ve been taking it for 1 week now and I am expecting bitter taste on my tongue… is this normal?

        1. I only take 2 a day and experience headaches. Is this normal. I stopped it for a while to see and started back and the headache started back as well

          1. Hello Artala, headaches seem to be a regular side effect. This may be caused due to high amount of antioxidants. Make sure to take the goli gummy with food, and never on an empty stomach.

    3. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes.. Are the gummies safe for someone trying to avoid because diabetic?

      1. Hey Aleatha!

        Each Goli Gummy has 4g of carbs which includes 1g of added sugar. Therefore, the sugar content is very low so it is unlikely to cause any sugar spikes However, being pre-diabetic means the body struggles to lower the blood sugar levels and any sugar content and carbohydrates may cause a further struggle. Therefore, it is recommended to speak to your GP .

        1. Hello Jennifet,
          Goli gummies have shown to dry the throat due to the acetic acid which may lead to a cough.

    4. Is blood thinning a side effect of the Goli Gummies ? I’ve noticed since I’ve been taking them, the slightest scratch etc… , I pour blood to the point it’s hard to get it to clot.

      1. Hello T Ard, thank you for your comment. So, there is no studies that show goli gummies or apple cider vinegar to thin the blood. However, apple cider vinegar can affect the absorption of potassium. This may have an effect on the blood chemistry. This effect only really occurs after taking apple cider vinegar for a very long time (years) and it may be quite unlikely this is the reason behind your problem. It is best you speak to your doctor. I hope that this helps. Thank you, Paula.

  1. Do I replace my current multivitamin with goli or do I take goli as an added supplement?

    1. Hey Frances, thank you for your comment 🙂

      You should not be taking Goli Gummies and another multivitamin together as it is likely to cause overconsumption on certain vitamins and minerals, and this can lead to a variety of health risks on its own eg. Kidney stones.

      With that being said, many multivitamins contain a very high amount of vitamins and minerals which can lead to over consumption if you have a balanced diet.

      This is why I wouldn’t recommend taking multivitamins.

      Goli Gummies on the other hand have a very impressive nutrition profile, although they contain most of vitamins and minerals they are in smaller amounts. So, these are actually much safer to take.

      Therefore as a safety precaution, it is best to choose between multivitamins and Goli Gummies.

      If you’d like to find out more on health risks of over consuming on nutrients simply search vitamins and minerals on our blog 🙂

      1. I am over fifty and take a multi vitamin each day. I looked up all mcg of how much I should be taking of other vitamins on a daily basis. I also take magnesium, Omega XL , colleges, B12, Vitamin C. and biotin, I know with “BOLI” I would no longer take B12 (folic acid is in multi) but how can they say don’t take a multi vitamin when it gives you so much more? I would love to try BOLI but is is good for me?

        1. Hello Eileen, thank you for your comment.

          Vitamins and minerals are best obtained from a balanced diet. If you take a supplement that provides you 100% of your total daily recommended intake plus eat food you will be over-consuming on certain vitamins and minerals which can lead to variety of things and in some circumstances even be fatal.

          You can read about every vitamin and mineral, deficiency risk and excess risks in another one of our posts – https://nutrition2change.com/the-complete-list-of-vitamins-functions-and-deficiency-symptoms/

          With that being said, if you are taking a multivitamin already then you shouldn’t be using Goli as, in a nutshell, this is another multivitamin and can cause further over-consumption of certain vitamins and minerals. Therefore, you should choose between Goli or multivitamins unless your multivitamins do not contain the vitamins that Goli does. Overall Goli is very good for you.

          Thank you 🙂

      2. Hi I started the gummies about 2 weeks ago. I am overweight and it says to take 1to 2 gummies up to 3 times a day on the bottle, but I see you saying on here to only take 2 a day. So I have Been taking more than 2. Some days 3, some days 4, different amounts. But the past 3 days I have had an upset stomach and really nauseous. Wondered if it could be coming from the gummies, am I taking too many, is my belly not liking them. I hope not because I bought the 5 bottles because it was cheaper. Please help

        1. Hello Rebecca, thank you for your comment. although the bottle states taking 1-2 gummies up to 3 times a day, I would not recommend that. Taking 2-3 gummies a day with adequate space in between may be okay but if you are reacting badly I would reduce the dosage. Maybe see how you get on with just 2 a day and build your tolerance gradually over a few weeks:) You don’t have to stop taking them completely but I’d certainly reduce the intake if you are experiencing such side effects 🙂 I hope this helps!

          1. Hello I purchased Goli
            Took two on a empty stomach
            This morning suffered all day with bad gas attacks
            And very uncomfortable stomach pain
            This is the only think I did differently
            Should you take after I have eaten?

    2. I’m having pain in the upper part oh my stomach when I eat one at night I would like to know if anyone else is having that problem?

      1. I have been searching the web for more information myself because I noticed I was having burning pain, especially at night, though it was my lower abdomen for 2 weeks. I haven’t had the gummies for 3 days at least and so far I haven’t had any pain for a little over a day. I don’t know if this was the cause. I also think I didn’t help matters by taking ibuprofen and aleve to deal with the pain.

        I will say also that, per some recommendations on the web of people taking it, I started out taking 6 gummies a day, 2/2/2, not realizing it might have been best to start out at 1 or 2.

        I am wondering if they exacerbated a problem I didn’t realize I had, or caused a problem due to the concentration over the week, as the pain got progressively worse. I still wonder why it was much worse at night.

        Don’t know if this helps anyone, or if the web has any more advice, just wanted to share. Might try them again in a month, as I bought 3 lol, just maybe not nearly as much or as often.

        1. My husband and I started taking them this week. He gave up after day because he felt so sick from them. Nauseous and stomach pains. I have been continuing with them but my stomach pain is so intense that I am thinking I’m going to have to stop as well.

          Both of us started with issues the same day. The same day we started with the gummy’s. His stopped when he stopped taking them. I continue to take them and continue to have pain.

        2. I’m going through the same situation, with lots of pains in lower part and upper stomach. I getting the pains especially in the early morning hours when it’s dark outside.I was worry that I thought I had an infection and all cause I kept having those pains in my stomach. I went to the Doctors and I was fine, no infection. But still have pains. I had a gastrobypass and a repair hernia and I have IBS, and I see that the Goli are not good for that problem of IBS. Now I’m stuck wondering if I can’t take this gummy anymore. Anyone has an answer upon my problem. Should I completely stop taking them?

          1. Hello Myriam,

            If you suffer from IBS and you are already experiencing such pains, it is best you stop taking them or limit them to minimum dosage of 2 goli gummies a day. I’d also space them out so take one in the morning and one in the evening to make it a little easier on the bowel. Goli gummies are rich in antioxidants and they are very acidic, and it also contains FODMAPS. This may aggravate the bowel further. If the minimum dosage doesn’t stop the pain then I’d suggest to stop taking them. Continual agitation to the bowel may lead to other problems in the future.

            I hope this helps,

          2. I tried these last year and got such bad stomach pain and so bloated. So i stopped taking them and i was fine. A few days ago i tried them again and the same problem happened. I stopped taking them and I am starting to feel better. It was awful.

      2. I’ve taken 1 Goli gummy each day for the past 3 days and have had horrible gas and diarrhea. Will this go away as I get used to them? Or should I stop taking them?

    1. Hi Suzy, Goli Gummies are essentially multi vitamins so it is highly unlikely that they can cause any harm. However,if you are taking any medication or recovering from a surgery, it is best to consult your doctor. Your doctor will be best to advise you 🙂 Hope this helps, and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

    2. So I take lots of vitamins plus goli should I stop taking vitamins don’t understand

      1. Hey Ashly, thank you for your comment.

        Because Goli Gummies are enriched in ‘superfoods’ they already contain many vitamins and minerals within. So taking them together with other multivitamins may not be the best idea as some vitamins and minerals can build up in the body and cause harm.

        It is up to yourself if you wish to take vitamins and Goli, but I’d suggest reducing your intake of one or the other to be safe.

        Thank you.

    1. Hey Sandy, Thank you for reaching out. Goli gummies are made from organic compounds, and apple cider vinegar is well known for helping control breakouts and acne and it can even reduce the appearance of scars 🙂 Taking a little too much is absolutely find, but if you take excessive amounts as it can kill the good bacteria too which may cause acne to appear. However, this is only the case if you have excessive amounts. Hope this helps, if you have any more questions feel free to ask 🙂

    1. Hey Sarah, thank you for your comment.

      Each Goli Gummy has 4g of carbs which includes 1g of added sugar. Therefore, the sugar content is very low so it is unlikely to cause any sugar spikes 🙂 However, being pre-diabetic means the body struggles to lower the blood sugar levels and any sugar content and carbohydrates may cause a further struggle. Therefore, it is recommended to speak to your GP .

  2. I take 2 a day and have been battling stomach pain. Adding these to my diet is the only change I can think of.

    1. I just started taking them about a week and a half ago and have been having a stomach ache too.

    1. Hello Shari, thank you for your comment. These gummies do not cause menstrual spotting 🙂

      1. Hello Renee, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. There have been no reports of this happening to anyone else, so I am unsure if Goli Gummies are to blame. I would certainly recommend to see a doctor. Get well soon!

      2. I’ve been taking Goli for 4 days 2 gummies 2 times a day. On the 4th day I feel really bloated and have unset stomach and a little cramping. It is no where time for my menstrual cycle and I’ve started bleeding.

        1. Me too!!!!! I’m wondering if this is the reason. I’ve been trying to figure out why I m having a period/spotting mid cycle when period is ALWAYS regular. Relieved someone else is experiencing the same thing.

    1. Hey Charmian, thank you for your comment.

      there has been no reported side effects of sore throat or leg cramps. However, you may experience an upset stomach or ‘throat burns’ if you take too many gummies a day. Their total daily recommended intake is no more than 6 gummies per day but if your stomach is sensitive I wouldn’t recommend taking more than 2/3 a day.

      Hope that helps! Thank you

  3. I’m on my 3rd bottle but I’ve noticed at the end of my 2nd bottle i stared having this burning feeling in my throat. Has this been reported as a side affect?

    1. Hey Scottie, thanks for your comment. Apple Cider Vinegar contains acetic acid and when taken in too many doses can cause ‘throat burns’. If this is happening, I recommend that you reduce your intake to smaller doses. I hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for that information. I take 2 every morning and that’s it. Should I take 1 a day?

        1. Hey Scottie, thank you for responding. It is quite unusual for such a small dosage to cause a throat burning effect. This may also be caused by your intolerance to the acetic acid that is included in the Apple Cider Vinegar. If you’d like to keep taking them, I’d suggest taking a smaller dosage of 1 a day and building your tolerance to 2 a day after a couple of weeks? This may help to build your resistance to the acetic acid.

  4. I am pre diabetic. I have to lose weight. I can’t take some of the meds for diabetes. I am trying very hard to lose the weight. My Doctor knows I am trying the Gummies w her blessing. I also have hypothyroidism. Will these help on the weight loss? If so ,how.. thanks.

    1. Hey Eileen, thank you for your comment. I’m glad that you have spoken to your doctor prior to taking these, it’s always best to get professional opinion. In regards to weight loss, apple cider vinegar has shown to lower blood sugar levels, decrease insulin levels, speed up metabolism (which can counteract hypothyroidism), reduces fat storage and suppress appetite. In addition, these gummies are enriched in antioxidants and pomegranate which also have a metabolism speeding effect. All these combined can help you lose weight 🙂

    1. Hey, there is no reported studies or side effects in regards to negative impacts on blood pressure. They are rather positive. But I’d suggest querying that with your GP.

  5. I just finished my first bottle and I am also having “throat burns” (mainly when I speak)–I have cut back to 2 a day but havent seen a real reduction of discomfort-

    1. Hello Denise, some people are sensitive to the acetic acid more than others. I’d suggest giving your throat a break from Goli gummies and go back to them after a week or two using the lower dosage 🙂

      1. I am having the same issue with taking 2 three times a day. I wanted max benefit and didn’t know if cutting back would cut the benefits. What are your thoughts

        1. Hello Allison,

          You would still obtain the benefits of Goli Gummies. I would recommend starting off with just 2 gummies a day, then increase the dosage gradually. This will help your body adapt.

      2. I took one sand got a severe headache. What in the world. My blood pressure was greatly elevated. I like the taste but can’t live with that headache.

  6. Apple cider vinegar is suggested for keeping kidney stones at bay, but I’ve read nothing about Goli gummies helping with that. Are they not enough to help? Thoughts?

    1. Hey James,

      Thank you for your comment. You are correct in saying that apple cider vinegar reduces the risk of kidney stones as well as flushes out toxins that causes them. It is said that you should dilute 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with approx. 8 ounces of water. On the other hand 2 Goli gummies are 1 shot of apple cider vinegar which suggests that just 2-4 gummies do contain enough ACV for these protective properties 🙂 I hope this helps 🙂

  7. I have noticed that when I take the gummies, the tip of my tongue and my lips go tingly and almost completely numb for about an hour. Allergic reaction?

    1. Hello Sue, Yes it seems that you may either have an allergic reaction or an intolerance to one or more ingredients found in Goli Gummies. I’d speak to your doctor before taking any more.

    1. Hello Jacqelline, these kinds of questions should mostly be referred to your doctor as he will be able to advise you more appropriately. However, I do know that apple cider vinegar can interact with high blood pressure medicines therefore, I’d suggest discussing this further with your doctor before taking these.

  8. Though apple cider vinegar is very beneficial is also has lots of side-effects, whether you drink or take these gummies.
    this is true that gummies overtake the bottles.
    But must consult a doctor before taking these as morning-evening pills

  9. Hi! I started taking Goli about a month ago and now I’m on my last bottle and I’ve noticed that I’ve had some tingling and swelling in my lip and face do you think I could be having an allergic reaction to something in the Goli

    1. Hello Mary, thank you for your comment. It sounds like you have experienced either a mild allergic reaction or an intolerance to one of the ingredients. I suggest that you stop taking goli gummies and speak to a doctor.

    1. Hey Cherry, thank you for your comment.

      You can take these gummies with biotin but it isn’t really necessary as apple cider vinegar contains biotin already 🙂

      Biotin is a water-soluble nutrient which means that any excess that you take will just be excreted, see more info here. However, it is also advisable to speak to a GP if you have any medical conditions.

      I hope this helps, Paula.

  10. I have been taking 6 a day as one of the options for dosage. 1-2 gummies times a day.) I’ve noticed a sore throat and am wondering if there is an acidity causing it. Can someone help

    1. Hello Allison, this is likely caused by the acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar. It’s recommended to lower the dosage and if you’d like to increase it, then do it gradually to help your body adapt.

      I hope this helps!

  11. Hi. I am on my second bottle of the gummies. I am noticing a rash on my neck. Could it be from the mummies?

    1. Hello Melissa,

      Thank you for your comment.

      There have been no reports of skin rashes being a side effect of apple cider vinegar. However, just like anything else taken in too many doses can cause a side effect. Some people are simply intolerant to such acidity and antioxidants. I would try to lower the dosage or give your body a break then restart with a lower dosage.

      I hope this helps!


    1. Hey Dionna, yes it can cause some discomfort due to the acidity and antioxidants unfortunately. Some people are more sensitive to these ingredients than others.

      1. I have been taking Goli about two months 5 a day I have began to have very bad headaches feels like one whole side of my face was trying to shut down I think more study needs to be made on this product.

    1. Hello Wendy, thank you for your comment.

      Goli gummies are filled with antioxidants that actually protect against things like canker sores and the acid in the apple cider vinegar kills bad bacteria that can aggravate the sores too. However, everybody reacts differently and if taken in too high doses, it can also kill the good bacteria and worsen the sores. It’s is best to speak to a doctor if you have canker sores.

  12. Is goli okay to take with thyroid medicine? I’ve seen on here to choose between multivitamin and goli. But I also take vitamin d and calcium, can I continue taking those with goli?

    1. Hi Linz! Apple Cider vinegar has not shown to interact with vitamins or medicines aside from Digoxin, medicine to regulate insulin and water pills. So you should be okay taking Goli gummies with vitamin D and calcium. However, it is always best to speak to your doctor if you have any concerns. Paula 🙂

  13. I m wondering if I continue taking my vitamins at evenings and I take one Goli in morning. Is it ok?
    I have been having diarrhea almost every day..

    1. Hi Terri, it will not make a difference. Some vitamins and minerals stay in the system for days.. others get excreted with urine but if you are experiencing such a bad reaction, I’d honestly choose either one or the other. Taking one in the morning and the other at night might still cause the same effect. Have you been drinking enough water? Sometimes dehydration might cause this effect?

      If you want to keep taking both, I would suggest taking a break for a few days from BOTH and then start taking them as just suggested, one in the morning and the other at night. But if your symptoms continue, it is best you choose between one or the other, potentially see a doctor and make sure to drink plenty fluids.

  14. I gave type 2 and only been on Goli for 1 week . Strange but my mouth is so dry I can’t stand it . What is this ?

  15. I am in remission from colon cancer and I have kidney disease. Is it safe to take the gummy? What would be my side effects? I want to get healthy ad lost weight in a safe way.

    1. Hello Debrah,

      Firstly, congratulations on being in remission from cancer! This is incredible news and we wish you all the best!

      However, this is a question you need to ask your doctor. Although Goli gummies are rich in antioxidants, they are very acidic too. This has caused a variety of side effects like a stomach pains, cramping, dry throat etc. Please consult your doctor before taking them.

      Kind regards,

  16. hello I’ve started taking my goli about a week ago it suppressed my appetite i only take 2 a day but im wondering if it wires you up because i haven’t been able to sleep in the pass week i also lost 2 pounds which is good!!! but im also wondering if i can take them along with a medicine called phentermine that was prescribe by my doctor thank you

    1. Hey Lavonne, thank you for your comment 🙂

      I am so glad to hear that you have lost 2 pounds, that’s amazing news! In regards to your question, there has been no studies that show any interaction between apple cider vinegar and diet pills. Therefore, it may be safe to take both. However, it is always advisable to consult your doctor just in case.

      Thank you, Nutrition2change

  17. Hi,
    First of all I would like to say I really really love Goli. I think they do help and do what they are supposed to do. I only took one in the morning and evening. I took one bottle with no issues at all. I took about a week out of the 2nd bottle and developed a terrible sore throat and red patches all in my mouth and throat and my lips swelled. I stopped the Goli for a week and it cleared up. I took one again just to see and the red patches came back. What part could I be allergic to? I’ve used ACV all my life.

    1. Hey Cathy, I’m sorry you are experiencing an allergic reaction. This is a hard question to answer because goli gummies are allergen-free. They are even manufactured in a factory that does not process any other allergens. However, this could be a result of acidity of goli gummies. It may be worth getting an allergy or an intolerance test so you know whether this was an allergic reaction or not. It sounds like it is but it’s unusual since Goli gummies are allergen-free. Either speak to your doctor or take a look at our lab test – https://nutrition2change.com/product/allergy-screen-uk-blood-test/ (available only for people residing in UK).

      Take care,

  18. I have been taking Goli for about 2.5 months. The first supply (5) I received did not caused any side effects, the second supply (5) is causing my lips to feel really dry and with a burn sensation. I take 6 gummies a day, should I reduce the amount? Why reaction just on the second order?

    1. Hey Claudia, so the side effects are caused by the acetic acid. It is quite unfortunate but I would maybe stop taking them for a week or so and then reduce the dosage 🙂 Maybe try taking 2-4 gummies and see how you feel! Thanks Nutrition2change

    1. Hello Lisa, thank you for your comment. Yes, apple cider vinegar hasn’t shown any interactions with this kind of medication. However, please bare in mind that the goli gummies are quite acidic, this may cause further discomfort to the stomach acid and bowel. It may be worth speaking to your doctor before taking these just in case it may worsen your condition. Thank you, Nutrition2change

  19. Tpuglio@comcast.net. I just ordered I bottle to see if I could take these gummies. Was not sure if I could but. I thought I would give it a try. My doc just told me to take folic acid. Which I just started snd a multi vitamin because my numbers were down. I am on oprepraxal I know I spelled it wrong for acid reflux. 40 mg every am. I also have a histamine problem. Do you think these are ok to take or should I cancel my order. Thanks. Lois.

    1. Hello Lois, thank you for your comment. There have been no reports of any interactions between apple cider vinegar and the medications that you are taking. However, you’ve mentioned that you have just started taking a multi vitamin. You should really commit to one or the other because taking too many vitamins and minerals can also be harmful. In addition, there have been reports of an upset stomach and stomach cramping due to acidity of goli gummies, this may cause further complications to the acid reflux. It is best you consult your doctor. I hope this was somewhat helpful! Paula, Nutrition2change

  20. What will happen if I eat too many gummies too fast? Are there negative short or long term effects? They’re delicious and I eat them like candy lol. I finished a bottle in a week! Shared of course, but I definitely I took majority

    1. Hey Ry! Haha it’s nice that you shared.. it must’ve been difficult! Eating too many goli gummies can cause stomach pains, cramping and gas due to acidity. You shouldn’t have more than 6 per day.

  21. Hi.. My husband took 6 gummies a day for 3 days and since this he has had stomach pain, diarrhoea for 4 days and a bad headache. The instructions say that this is the recommended dose it does not say only take 1-2 gummies when you first start.. he is really suffering because of this.

    1. Hello Debra. The bottle doesn’t state to take 6 gummies per day but it states that you can take up to and that is the maximum dosage. It is best he stops taking them for a couple weeks and then if he still wishes to take them he should slowly build his tolerance. Sorry to hear your husband wasn’t doing well with the gummies, but I hope he gets better soon!

  22. I just purchased Goli and took 2-gummies. I do take BP medication (Losartan), Omega XL, B12, Vitamin D3, Folic Acid and Collagen. After reading the reviews, should I stop taking the Folic Acid and B12 and continue the others while taking Goli? Please advise when you can.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello MaryAnn,

      When you take goli gummies, they already contain vitamin B12 and folic acid so there is no need for you to take any other vitamins containing the same. Folic acid and B12 are both water soluble vitamins so taking any excess will just be excreted by urination so no harmful effects should come as a result of taking both but it is simply unnecessary to take both. I’d certainly speak to your doctor just in case you require a specific amount of folic acid and B12 to ensure that goli gummies provide that amount should you choose goli gummies instead of the other supplements. I hope this helps, Paula 🙂

  23. My husband and I are taking 4 a day and we’ve both have bad bloating and I had severe tummy pains
    Is the bloating normal ?

  24. i to am having severe stomach pains , bloating , and nausea. just received mine and only took one. all night I’ve been in pain…

  25. I just got my Goli ACV gummies yesterday and I love them….maybe too much. I know the label says to enjoy up to 6 per day; but, are there any potential harmful effects from consuming more than that?

    1. Hello Tamra, thank you for your comment. Yes, you really shouldn’t exceed the intake as you can experience some uncomfortable effects – headaches, stomach aches, constipation and more. If this is your first time using these gummies or any sort of apple cider vinegar supplements then please take it easy at first and build your resistance. A few people have experience some severe headaches and stomach aches by taking 6 a day from the very start. Although they are delicious, they are still supplements that are enriched with vitamins and antioxidants. I hope this helps, Paula!

  26. Hello, since i took a goli, i had stomach pain and when i poop . My stool is normal but theres watery blood with it. Is it normal?

    1. Hello Jane, thank you for your comment. There are no known interactions with magnesium supplements but it is always recommended to speak to your doctor. In regards to the starting dosage, I wouldn’t take more than 2 and then gradually increase intake over a few weeks to allow the body to get used to the acetic acid. I hope this helps!. Nutrition2change

  27. Hi! I started taking these gummies about a week ago and although I didn’t make the connection until just today, I’ve been having burning in my esophagus and throat and have been getting horrible scabs inside my nose. I’m going to try stopping them and see if the scabs and esophageal burning both stop. I’ve tried everything on the scabs including nasal saline and triple antibiotic ointment. Could the gummies be causing damage to my nasal cavity tissues?!? They’re pretty painful!!

  28. These seem to be causing quite a reaction in a lot of people. Headaches, stomach pain, diarrhea. Do you think there should be some information sent out with each purchase to let people know? They aren’t really sharing this info with the public. The vitamin issue is also huge. People who take multi vitamins shouldn’t really be taking both together.

    I really like the idea. I bought three bottles but I am having some side effects that are
    unpleasant. I wish the company would share information with consumers before purchase.

    1. Hello Margo, I will certainly pass that information back to Goli 🙂 Thank you, and I hope you are okay!

    1. Hello Cory, thank you for your question.
      Apple cider vinegar can change the acidity of your urine, and beetroot and B vitamins can also temporarily change urine colour to greenish or reddish. However, change in urine colour can also indicate health problems like kidney stones, liver problems and more. It is always best to see a doctor. I hope this helps, Paula 🙂

  29. Are you able to take these pills with vitamin D and vitamin C
    I also have a immunization deficiency that affected my kidney.
    Are these safe to take with these issues

  30. Just received my gummies today took 6 and noticed terrible itching all over my body… 2 in the am 2 in afternoon 2 in evening!!! Anyone experience severe itching scratching like crazy. Is this a side effect or allergic reaction?

    1. Hello Crystal, this is commonly caused by the acetic acid. It may be just a side effect. Make sure to start off with a smaller dosage. If the problem persists, it may be worth seeing a doctor. Paula

    2. I purchased the Goli Apple cidar gummies! After a day I experience severe itching on both my outer upper arms! Had to stop taking them! Never had these issues til I started taking the Golis!!!

  31. Hi, so my Goli came today! I had just had a bowl of cereal and I took 2. I quickly became nauseated. Is this because of the acidic reacting with milk? or should I have started with 1?

    1. Hello Katie, it is best to take these on an empty stomach or before food. Apple cider vinegar causes a delay in digestion which can make you feel nauseous.

  32. I’ve been taking 2 Goli gummies a day along with my multivitamins. I also take vitamin C and D. I haven’t noticed any problems yet. It’s been about 3 weeks. I’m also diabetic on oral meds and insulin. Should I be worried?

    1. Hello Joyce, thank you for your comment. You should be careful when taking apple cider vinegar with insulin as both of these combined can lower your potassium levels. It’s good that you haven’t experienced any side effects but make sure you speak to your doctor as deficiencies can develop over a lengthy period of time.

  33. I started these a week ago, only 2 a day, the last 2 days I’m experiencing a headache…I’m going to stop taking them for a cpl days and see what occurs…I do like them better than the bottled stuff…maybe cut back once I determine if they’re causing the headaches

  34. I took only 2 of these per day the past 2 days and have been sooo bloated and also retaining water and uncomfortable. No other change in diet. Going to stop taking them unfortunately

  35. Hello,
    I have been on Goli for 6 days (6 gummies per day, spread out). So far, I have no adverse reactions. I have been a vegan for over 10 years. Does the vegan diet protect me from bad side effects? Thank you!

    1. Hello Susan, I don’t think the vegan diet has anything to do with the side effects. Some people experience side effects more than others, and some don’t experience them at all. It’s just body dependant.

  36. Hi. Is there any studies showing Goli gives people an increase in dreams at night or more lucid dreams?

    Maybe I am experiencing this bc it helps you with rest? I don’t know but I feel more rested.


  37. These gummies are great! I don’t have any complaints. I love these gummies and take several a day with no side effects. Will continue to order them. Thank you Goli for a wonderful product!

  38. My throat and tongue are in excruciating pain and I have a terrible headache it started right after taking goli gummies and worsened this morning what do I do ?

    1. Please contact a doctor or a nurse as you may be experiencing an allergic reaction. Also, if you are experiencing side effects, you should really stop taking them or ease your intake. Start off by much smaller dosage like 1-2 gummies a day

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