Healthy changes for a better and more fulfilling life

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Being healthy is more than just eating better and exercising, there’s so much more to it in regards to mental health, how you use your time as well as who you let in your personal space. Making healthier choices and making simple changes in life can help you lead a happier and healthier life. Not to mention can give you a much better positive mindset and help improve your mental health.

Get enough sleep by going to bed earlier

One of the changes that you can look to make is going to bed earlier and not having screen time before that. More often than not people will scroll through their phone mindlessly consuming content before switching it off to close their eyes and go to sleep. This leaves your brain still alert and you would struggle to get to sleep, this can also lead to things like insomnia. Sleep is one of the best things to recharge and help your body heal. This is why it’s important to make sure you have an early night and get a good amount of sleep. If you do need to get up early make sure you go to bed earlier to compensate for any lost sleep. If you feel like you are struggling to get to sleep due to children or stress, try and have a nap in the day to catch up. This will help you feel more rested.

Choose better alcohol alternatives

Another change that can positively affect you is by swapping out things like alcohol and cigarettes for their healthier counterparts. If you find that you do drink a lot of alcohol or that it is potentially having you gain weight then swap it for non-alcoholic beers and beverages. You can still drink normal alcohol alongside this. Even if you swap half the amount it will still be a big change in the right direction and something positive that you’re doing for yourself. If you smoke, it is obviously bad for you. They put warning labels on the packets now and all the research shows the terrible things that it can do to your body. It is hard to quit when people have done it for so long and they do struggle going cold turkey completely cutting themselves off. A healthy change that you can make in regards to this is by sucking to something like vaping. Do your research and read more info on it before swapping over.

Walk or cycle instead of driving

Driving is great, it is life-changing and so many people love driving around making their lives easier once they’ve passed their test. However, it does also contribute to people being lazier. You may find that you drive round to the shop which is only round the corner when you could easily walk. This will help increase your daily exercise and also save money on petrol for unnecessary short trips by walking instead.

Drink water before your morning coffee

When you wake up in the morning most people go for a cup of coffee or a cup of tea to start their day. As comforting as this is to have a nice warm beverage when you wake up, a great change that you can make is that when you first wake up you have a glass of water instead. This could be with a slice of lemon and ice or just plain water, whatever your preference is. There are so many benefits to drinking water and as you are getting dehydrated through the night a big glass of water starts your day and will kickstart you, wake you up, and it will be so much better for your body and mind.

Clear out your social media

One of the healthy changes you can make in your life that a lot of people tend to forget about or not do is to do an online cull of negativity. So many of us follow people who we don’t like or love to hate. This only promotes negativity in ourselves. As well as following people who, through no fault of their own make us feel bad about ourselves. Spend an afternoon online and unfollow, mute and unfriend anyone who doesn’t contribute to you in a positive way. You want to mainly focus on following people who offer you good advice, make you laugh, or are enjoyable to follow. You will then notice a big lift in your mood and you can enjoy being online a lot more. 

Call instead of text

The last healthy change you can make will help improve your happiness and social life. Instead of texting or messaging, pick up the phone. Have a good old phone conversation, it helps you get everything out, engage more, and will help improve and strengthen bonds. 

If you’re at the age where you’re worried about menopause, be sure to speak to a professional.


There are so many different ways you can make your day more fulfilling. Small changes, over time, lead to bigger differences which can make your life much less negative and less stressful. Take a look at these LSW mind cards which were created by a friendly psychologist to help you make small changes with daily challenges and motivational quotes.

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