High Protein Fro-Yos Recipe

high protein froyos

Are you looking for a quick, tasty and nutritious way of getting your protein intake as well as satisfying the sweet tooth? We feel you! So, it’s about time to try this high protein snack.

So, you may be wondering what a good high protein snack is? These snacks are created using premium ingredients that are both delicious, high protein and nutritious – providing you high quality calories and nutrients to support muscle growth and recovery.

These snacks are perfect for anyone looking to build muscle or tone up. Obtain all the protein you need, satisfy the sweet tooth and rest knowing you’ve just ate a nutritious and guilt-free snack.

This recipe will help you up your gym game and support the heavy gym sessions.

Here is a recipe for delicious high protein Fro-Yos!

Ingredients ⁣

400g of low fat Greek yoghurt⁣
1 scoop of a protein shake (we used MyProtein weight gainer)⁣
1 table spoon of honey⁣
1/2 jar of peanutbutter ⁣
100g Blueberries⁣


1. Prepare the cupcake cases onto a tray ⁣
2. Add greek yogurt, protein powder and honey into a bowl and mix well until smooth⁣

2. Place the mixture into the cupcake cases⁣

3. Melt peanut butter and coat the mixture with it⁣

3. Garnish with blueberries ⁣

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