How to Get the Most Out of Your Resistance Band Workout

resistant band workout

Did you finally make the decision to start working out with exercise bands? Good for you! But it’s going to take more than reps to build your biceps and triceps to really be effective.

Putting together an effective workout plan may seem intimidating or overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to begin. That’s why we’ve created this general regimen to point you in the right direction to get the most out of your FItCord resistance band workout.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Ever feel like you lack the energy or the drive to work out some days? It’s completely normal! Whether you need a boost to overcome that dragging feeling or you want a push to keep going harder and longer, pre-workout supplements may be the answer.

These are multi-ingredient dietary formulas that help enhance performance by boosting energy and increasing mental focus. Available most commonly as powders mixed with a drink, pre-workouts are most effective when taken about 30 minutes before physical activity.

Pre-workout blends generally contain nitric oxides, amino acids and caffeine that help improve blood flow, boost oxygen, and increase energy and focus–all with the goal of working together to benefit athletic performance.

Warming Up

While you give that pre-workout time to kick in, make sure you spend time properly warming up your body before you begin to exercise. This increases blood flow to muscles, raises your body temperature, and helps improve performance and reduce risk of injury.

All it takes is about five to 10 minutes of low-intensity movement, such as walking, jumping jacks, jogging or dynamic stretches, that will help prepare your body for the exercise you plan to do.

A proper warm-up should slightly elevate your heart rate and help you work up a light sweat. Not only will this prepare your body for more intense movement and decrease the risk of injury, but also it will help make your workout more effective. (Complete a longer warm-up if needed!)

Working Out

Fewer reps done slower or more reps done faster? Reviews are mixed on which one is best. Take into account that heavy resistance with fewer repetitions can help build bigger, stronger muscles, whereas to build endurance or strengthen the core, you’ll want to increase repetitions.

While using resistance bands, the tension your muscles experience changes throughout the range of motion, and your body has to adapt. With traditional weights, the resistance remains the same.

Consider a routine that mixes things up, in terms of bands, weights, resistance and reps. A higher number of reps with little rest in between sets works muscle fibers to the point of fatigue, which is where change happens. Fewer reps with heavier resistance can also help accomplish the same.

Cooling Down

After putting your body through an intense workout, cooling it down is just as important as warming it up before you begin. Specifically, the cool-down portion helps speed up recovery and reduces soreness.

Lower-intensity movements like walking or yoga helps you transition your body from more intense activity to a less-active state. Sudden changes or stops in intensity can cause a significant drop in blood pressure or dizziness.

Including longer-held stretches while the body is warm and pliable can offer the most benefits in increasing flexibility, as well as reducing any soreness the next day. Of course, hydration is an important part of your cool-down routine to begin replenishing fluids lost during your workout.

Post-Workout Recovery

Once your workout is complete, you can advance the recovery process by taking post-workout supplements. When you push your body through a strenuous regimen, muscle tissue breaks down to provide extra fuel.

But these tiny tears that naturally happen when you strain the muscle also need to be repaired, especially if you plan to follow up today’s workout with another one tomorrow. That’s where a post-workout comes in.

Taken within an hour of the completion of a workout, these amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates work together to repair damage, build up muscle mass, increase strength and speed up recovery.

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FitCord Resistance Bands offer accurate levels of resistance with Safety-Sleeve Technology that adds a layer of protection in the event a band snaps, as well padded handles that provide comfort during your workout.

Our covered exercise bands are safe, effective and versatile to be used during the warm-up, work out and cool-down portion of your fitness regimen. To learn more about our bands or to take a quiz to determine which resistance level is right for you, visit

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