Is prebiotic soda good for you? Health benefits, nutrition, and precautions

poppi prebiotic soda

Prebiotic soda, like Poppi, consists of a drink with very beneficial ingredients for our body.

Bacterias are extremely small organisms present in our bodies. They are all over the place. While some help you maintain your gut healthy, others can make you ill, and most of them don’t affect you.

The bacterias that improve your health are called good or live bacterias. Those that make you ill are called bad bacterias or pathogens.

As we always seem to be on the look for new products that can make our body healthier, prebiotic soda came to show that it is possible to consume the so likable soft drinks more healthily while nurturing the good bacteria living in our bodies (which is something we need).

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about prebiotic soda: how does it work, its precautions, and if this up-and-coming drink is really good for you. So, read on and check the following topics!

  • How does prebiotic soda work?
  • Benefits of prebiotic soda
  • Are there any dangers in prebiotic soda?

How does prebiotic soda work?

If you didn’t know this yet, our body houses a rich microscopic ecosystem that consists of bacterias, fungus, cells, among other living beings.

Since each organism needs some energy to stay alive, it will, one way or another, depend on the conditions of its environment. Prebiotics turns your gut into a healthy place for good bacteria.

When you drink prebiotic soda, some of its ingredients will not be digested by your GI tract. However, good bacteria will take nutrients from them, making this a great soft drink alternative that can help your immune system and promote many other benefits.

Benefits of prebiotic soda

Now that you know what this drink is and its function, you may be wondering if prebiotic soda is really good for you, right?

Take a look at some benefits of the prebiotic soda!

It might prevent neurodegenerative diseases

The main ingredient of Poppi prebiotic soda is apple cider vinegar. According to one research, it makes the brain healthy, while adding good flavor to the drink.

Such is the case because when our organism is stressed, it produces oxidative chemicals that are not good for your cells.

As it turns out, apple cider vinegar has been shown to have a high antioxidant potential. Therefore, consuming it every day helps to prevent neurological problems.

Researchers conclude: “Our findings suggest that the addition of ACV as a food additive in the daily diet may reduce the threat of multiple neurodegenerative diseases. Therefore, our study could be the precursor of a new pharmacological therapeutic approach via ACV toward cognitive impairments associated with Alzheimer’s disease.” ¹

Increase your short-chain fatty acids

If you don’t know what short-chain fatty acids are, you should pay attention because they are essential for your body.

Our gut produces several types of fatty acids, the ones considered to be short-chained are those with six or fewer carbon atoms.

Short-chain fatty acids provide many benefits, like decreasing your appetite, helping in losing weight.

Also, they will help in absorbing nutrients like calcium. Most of all studies, have shown them to be of major importance in the maintenance of the gut and immune homeostasis.²

Improve your immune system

Prebiotics are good for our health². The good bacterias that live in our body need us to survive to remain alive.

They help the immune system fight infections. When drinking prebiotic soda, you feed your probiotics (good bacterias) with the nutrients necessary to increase immunity.

Control the sugar in your blood

Sugar can indeed be tasty, but it can also be harmful. Too much sugar can lead to heart conditions, obesity, and diabetes. Apple Cider Vinegar can help with sugar levels control in our organisms.

When we take in sugar, our body releases a chemical substance called insulin. Insulin breaks the sugar so it can be digested.

People who have Type 1 diabetes do not produce enough insulin, so the sugar level in their blood gets easily high.

This process is called hyperglycemia. Apple cider vinegar helps patients with Type 1 diabetes to control blood sugar levels, according to the study “Vinegar Decreases Postprandial Hyperglycemia in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes.”³

Have a healthier gut

Prebiotic soda is also good for your GI tract due to having an imbalance in the good/bad bacteria ratio, which can cause dysbiosis (gut flora imbalance) and lead to gastric problems that may become chronic if not treated.

It’s tasty!

Usually, healthy foods and drinks are not nearly as appealing as sugary chocolate cakes, making people have a hard time adjusting to better eating habits.

Having a drink that appeals to you and improves your general health in so many ways can be a game-changer. Poppi prebiotic soda guarantees the tasty factor in their formula!

Are there any dangers in prebiotic soda?

For most healthy people, the short answer is simply no. Both Prebiotics and Probiotics are present in our bodies and do us no harm. However, as is the case with everything, some might not react well to the drinks. The reason for this is simple: our bodies are different.

Thus, someone can experience an allergic reaction or flatulence instantly. It is unlikely that an average person experiences anything bad. But it is not impossible, that is why we always recommend consulting a health professional to check if it is suitable for you. 

People who are very ill should also seek medical advice before taking prebiotic soda.

In summary

The fact is: we need good bacterias in our body. Prebiotic soda helps with that. On top of this, apple cider vinegar, Poppi’s prebiotic soda main ingredient, adds even more benefits.

Most people will have positive health effects from prebiotic soda. However, checking with your doctor is always advisable.

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