Muscle Foods: A true and unbiased Review

muscle food

What is Muscle Food?

Muscle food is a company that offers a variety of products and services to improve muscle progress and recovery. This company offers anything from large meat hampers to ready-made meals. Unlike other meat providers, muscle food does NOT pump the meat with water ensuring that you get high quality of protein that muscle deserves.

The pots

I, Paula (the founder of Nutrition2change), tried the ready-made meals for 30 days and I want to share my honest review because I’m personally surprised and impressed.  

So, what did I eat? I purchased 60 prepped pots. I’ve put them all in the table below.

Mushroom and spinach bologneseBBQ Pulled Pork and Potato PotChicken Fajita Rice Pot
The Brit Abroad vegan BreakfastBad Man Spicy Chicken and PotatoChicken Balti with Rice Pot
Beef Ragu & Cherry Tomato TagliatelleBlack Bean Chicken and Rice PotSatay Chicken with Rice Pot
Chicken Tikka Rice PotCajun Beef and Rice PotThai Chicken Curry and Rice Pot
My Prepped Pots

I have to say my MOST favourite prepped pot is the Satay chicken with rice, it is 351 calories and out of these calories you get 46g of protein, 26g of carbs and 7.2g of fat. If you enjoy a subtle taste of peanuts then I’d certainly recommend this pot.

My experience

Aside from the food I had over the 30 days I wanted to tell you what change I noticed since I started eating these pots.

I was very nervous to try these prepped pots because I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This means that I have an inflamed bowel and anything I eat can trigger stomach cramps, diarrhoea or constipation.

However, I was shocked to actually feel better!

Now, I’m not saying that anyone with IBS will experience reduced symptoms as everyone reacts differently but I certainly did, and even now when I began to eat my cooked foods my stomach still feels much better than before.

I have a feeling this may be due to the natural ingredients and subtle use of spices that have helped my stomach get better. I very rarely experience symptoms of IBS now which has made me feel more confident to be around other people for longer periods of time.

Another thing that I have noticed is the feeling of fullness for much longer. With me training 7 days a week I get hungry all the time. My body just wants food like 24/7.

However, after eating the prepped pots I noticed I wasn’t as hungry and this can only be put down to 1 important thing.

The prepped pots have a great balance of macro-nutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates) and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals). So, I’ve taken a look at the packaging labels and found that every pot has a great balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein which will not only provide sustainable energy but also help muscle recovery and growth. In addition, I found that each pot has a variety of different vegetables that add vitamins and minerals to the macro-nutrients.

A balance of both macros and micros is essential for sustaining your training sessions and helping muscle recover.

The last thing I noticed is the improvement to my mood. As a person who lives a busy and stressful life I experience low moods quite often. Sometimes I can’t even decide where the mood is coming from, I just wake up feeling agitated.

Since I started eating muscle foods, I started to feel better and more energised. This has enabled me to be more productive and feel happier to work even harder.


Muscle food is a great quality company that really cares about providing high quality products for those who are serious about their training. If you are looking to make the most of your training sessions, grow muscle and help them recover after lifting weights then I certainly recommend Muscle food.

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