Popular Dishes From Countries Around The World

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Food is one of the great pleasures in life, and we’re lucky enough to live in a world where we have access to the ingredients and recipes from cultures all over the world. Some people have their favourite types of cuisine that they prefer and others like to try different dishes often. 

So join us on a culinary trip around the world as we look at the favourite dishes of different countries. 


The Italian diet is full of rich, tasty dishes. Some of their most famous recipes involve pizza or pasta, so if you’re watching your weight, then be sure to check out your carbohydrates table to determine the nutritional values. 

Italian dishes are full of colour, richness and cheese. They aren’t overly complicated but have been passed down through the generations. 

Popular dishes include: pizza, lasagna, fiorentina steak, polenta, risotto, ribollita


If you’re looking for colour and flavour then you want to try out some Mexican recipes. Their recipes are a blend of influences from Europe and the US alongside traditional Mexican recipes. 

Some of the most popular dishes including fajitas, tacos and quesadillas are designed to be eating in a social setting, around family and friends. 

Popular dishes include: Fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, elote, tostadas, pozole


Indian recipes are a favourite for a lot of people. The spice palette is rich and can include milder dishes through to a spicy hot curry. Most countries have their own versions of Indian recipes, adapted to their favourite meat or fish (Indian recipes do not contain beef). 

Popular dishes include: Samosas, makhani, masala chai, paneer, aloo gobi


Synonymous with passion and history, Spanish food covers a range of uses. From delicate tapas dishes to hearty stews, the food reflects the history of the country. The Spanish take their meals seriously, preferring to enjoy them with company in a leisurely way. 

Popular dishes include: paella, tortilla, gazpacho, patatas bravas


The food of Greece reflects its people perfectly. It’s zesty and beautiful to look at, full of roast meats, salads, olives and feta cheese. 

Popular dishes include: kleftiko, moussaka, taramasalata, dolmades


Like Indian food, Chinese recipes have been adopted all across the world, with many people creating their own Chinese style dishes. Many of the popular Chinese recipes we assume are authentic, are actually not traditionally cooked in China. 

The Chinese diet is diverse, including lots of meats and vegetables alongside perfectly spiced sauces. There are also a number of filling recipes that use common ingredients which were originally developed for areas of society that we’re unable to afford expensive ingredients. 

Noodles, dumplings, wontons and spring rolls are all examples of this. 

Popular dishes include: Peking duck, chow mein, kung pao 


With a reputation for being sophisticated and cultured, French cuisine is frequently the most popular type of cooking taught in culinary academies. 

In addition to their historically popular recipes, French cooking is known for being at the leading edge of fine eating. 

French dessert making is unparalleled across the world, with its range of delicate pastries and cakes. 

Popular dishes include: Coq au vin, cassoulet, beef bourguignon, confit de canard, souffle.


Japan is a country that pours its traditional heart and soul into it’s cooking. Replete with exotic vegetables, meats and seafood, it is one of the healthiest diets on the planet. 

Common dishes include sushi, tempura and ramen. Meals are eaten with either rice or noodles. 

Popular dishes include yakitori, udon, soba, sushi, ramen.


If you like your food with a bit of heat, then Thai food is the way to go. They are full of flavours and spices and dishes often contain sweet, sour and hot flavours. Most dishes are served with rice. 

Most cities have a number of popular Thai restaurants and 

There is a strong influence of surrounding countries including Malaysia and China. 

Popular dishes include: pad thai, Khao pad, Tom Kha Gai, tom yum goong


Many people are quite dismissive of American food, assuming that it is bland and only served in huge portions. Yet American food is as eclectic as its people. It has adopted recipes and traditions from countries all over the world and gave them their own American twist. Burgers, pizzas and barbecue and favourites, alongside popular southern dishes like clam chowder. 

Popular dishes include: Reuben sandwich, cheeseburger, Delmonico’s steak, pizza (Chicago style)


Vietnamese food is undergoing a surge in popularity. Their dishes are filled with fresh fish, shrimp, rice and fruits. Like many countries, the recipes are designed to create amazing meals with whatever ingredients they have access to. 

Popular dishes include: bun o hue, Phu, Cao Lau, Banh xeo

South Africa

One of the world’s best-kept food secrets. South Africa’s cuisine is hearty, flavourful and designed to be enjoyed with people. It also lends itself to amazing street food too. 

Popular dishes include: malva pudding, bobotie, bokkoms, potjiekos


The culture in the country of Turkey has adopted many influences over its history. This, combined with traditions handed down from Ottoman times, lead to a diverse diet. 

Popular dishes include: kebab, kofte, meze, baklava

Final thoughts

When it comes to the food we eat, the world is definitely getting smaller. Supermarkets are now stocked with ingredients it would have been hard to find just a generation ago. Now people embrace new flavours and new ways of doing things when they’re deciding what to eat. Some people prefer to keep to the traditional recipes, while others take inspiration and make a dish their own, changing up some of the ingredients and flavours. 

There’s no doubt that this range of great food is great for our overall nutrition, offering up an array of fruits, vegetables and herbs that we might otherwise miss out on. Every country has its own history, which is rich in different influences and leads to the enrichment of the food they eat.  

If you’re looking for inspiration on cooking fresh, healthy recipes, head over to the recipe section of this blog.

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