8-week Abs Challenge (Gym Based)


You want abs?
I can help you sculpt those abs and bring out the six pack.
You don’t have to be the next fitness model, just want to be fit, healthy and toned – this is the workout for you.
Download now and let’s get started.


New 8-week abs workout challenge!

If you’re looking for a way to get ripped and tight abs, this is the solution. The 8-week abs workout challenge has been designed by a personal trainer so that you can develop your core muscles to their fullest potential and reveal six pack abs.

Workouts are hard. It’s not always easy to keep going when the body is screaming no more or feeling like it just can’t take it anymore. That’s why it’s important to find a workout that works for you–a program that motivates you every day, a trainer who pushes you when you think you’re done, a routine that constantly challenges your body so that you can see results faster than ever before.
I’m Paula, a personal trainer dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals by providing effective workout routines and tips in their field. I believe that everyone deserves an effective workout routine and the guidance of a personal trainer who will make sure they reach their goals.
Join me for this 8-week abs challenge where I will lead you through some of the most challenging workouts available with no equipment needed so that anyone can get into incredible shape and have six pack abs!
Download load and let’s get started.

What will you get?

  • 8-week abs workout challenge
  • An easy-to-follow exercise plan with instructional video for each exercise
  • Nutrition guidance to help master your calories and macros for the duration of the challenge


8-week calories, macronutrients and workout tracker.


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