Recipe books and guide to healthy eating bundle


Get instant access to three recipe books and a guide to healthy eating so you can start eating healthier and improve your health and wellbeing. This bundle includes 21 healthy recipes for every day, vegetarian recipes, and a high protein recipe ebook. Aside from the nutritious recipes, you will also get a guide to healthy eating which helps you understand how to construct a healthy diet, calculate your calories, macronutrients, and BMR. With this guide, you will also get a 7-day sample meal plan and information on everyday supplements to improve your health.

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With this bundle, you will get:

21 Everyday Healthy recipe e-book 

We feature proper breakfasts, light family favourites, cheeky fakeaways, and speedy midweek meals. Healthy, delicious, and balanced- everything you need from your daily food!

21 High Protein Recipe e-book 

Healthy and delicious high protein recipes specifically designed to improve muscle growth and recovery. Along with your proteins, get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals with these fully-balanced recipes.

21 Vegetarian recipe e-book

A healthy and delicious way of cutting on meat, achieve a fully balanced diet, and start prepping like a boss with these simple to make recipes!

Guide to healthy eating

This guide is for anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing as well as for those who would like to get a better understanding of how to structure their diet. The guide features true and unbiased information on calorie counting, macronutrients, supplements, and more! The best part about this guide is that it is so easy to follow and understand, and includes a 7-day sample meal plan as well as 10 healthy and delicious recipes.


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