Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Pre-workouts Into Your Workouts


For those who go to the gym, there will be days where instead of feeling good after an intense workout, they feel awful instead. We slept early the night before, had a good breakfast, and did the routine in its perfect form; what did we do wrong? Well, in most cases, nothing wrong happened.

Days where we feel tired, lazy, or just plain unmotivated come and go. That doesn’t mean that we can’t do something about them, though. In fact, with pre-workouts, we can feel the very best after a day of hard work. There are a lot of studies and professionals out there that recommend pre-workouts to feel more active and make the best out of your workout routines.

From developing fast recovery to increased endurance, pre-workouts are there to help you feel the best. So if you’re convinced that you should try pre-workouts, here’s what you need to know everything about them, from what they are to the benefits you can enjoy from taking them.

What are Pre-workouts?

A pre-workout supplement is a way for you to boost your performance during workouts, make you stay active throughout your routine, and recover faster by rebuilding your tissues.

Typically, pre-workouts come in powdered forms that you just have to mix with water and other ingredients like bananas, apples, nuts, etc. They are called pre-workouts because they are typically consumed before you go to the gym to make you active and motivated while working out.

Although each brand has its ingredients, the typical ones you see in a mixture are caffeine, creatine, vitamins, and other ingredients that will enhance your performance during your training. Of course, this mix helps in improving your endurance and delaying fatigue so you can make the most out of your workout. Other brands add other ingredients such as beta-alanine to make your performance more optimized and such.

Moreover, pre-workouts work best when paired with a balanced diet. However, make sure that you don’t substitute pre-workouts for meals since they don’t work as meal replacements.

It’s true that they have the same effect as meal replacements in keeping the user active and enhancing endurance. But meal replacements have a better balance in terms of nutrition since they are designed to substitute a balanced meal.

With all that said, let’s dive more into the benefits that pre-workouts have.

Increased Mental Readiness

Generally, a pre-workout prepares your body for an intense workout, thus the name “pre-workout.” However, not everybody knows that it can also prepare your mind.

With the help of caffeine, you will be more focused on the task at hand, which is fulfilling your workout routine. This will help you with your mind-muscle connection, helping you execute your exercises to their fullest.

Reduce Protein Breakdown

To gain and maintain your muscle mass, protein synthesis should exceed the level of protein breakdown. BCAAs are protein building blocks, which are amino acids that can help you with building muscle tissue. BCAAs can be typically found in your protein sources like meat, poultry, etc.

You can even get them from supplements. To find the best amino acids for muscle growth in the market, you must research properly. You can even talk to your healthcare provider to find one that fits your lifestyle.

Pre-workouts can also contain BCAAs. By keeping your muscle proteins high, you’ll be able to store enough after having your proteins broken down for energy.

There are Stimulant-Free Options

Many people are wary of taking pre-workouts for fear of having too much energy even when resting. These people might be sensitive to caffeine or are doing their workouts after a workday and afraid of not being able to fall asleep. The good news is that there are pre-workout brands that don’t have caffeine in them.

Of course, not all pre-workouts have stimulants in them. Many brands out there are stimulant-free. So if you don’t want to have excess energy when resting but still want to have an increased performance during your workout sessions, you can look on the internet for stimulant-free options.

Improved Recovery

How many times have you experienced pain a few days after your workouts?

Of course, feeling sore is completely normal after a rigorous exercise since your muscle tissues get torn after an intense workout session. But by taking pre-workouts, you’ll have an increased protein build-up, which helps you gain muscle and helps you recover faster.

Final words

Is it worth it to take pre-workouts? The short answer to that is yes. But do you need them? Well, not really. If you’re already fulfilled in your workout and can do well without taking anything, you don’t need pre-workouts. But if you find it hard to focus on your workout sessions, or you’re not satisfied with your performance, maybe taking pre-workouts can help you out.

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