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Guide to speeding up your metabolism

Do you have a low metabolic rate? or maybe you’d like to learn what metabolism is and how to speed it up? This brief guide shows you the best type of exercise to perform and thermogenic foods to eat – both crucial for speeding up your metabolism. 

What to Expect

Metabolism explained

A thorough yet easy to understand explanation of what metabolism is and the implications of having slow and fast metabolism.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks on how to speed up your metabolism

thermogenic foods

A list of thermogenic foods that help to speed up your metabolism


The type of exercise and workout examples

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I created this freebie to give people who are interested in improving and speeding up their metabolism a fair understanding of what it is and to empower them to the appropriate changes. It is time to take control of your own health, so jump on the band wagon of health enthusiasts and download the guide today!

Paula Sawicka



With this easy-to-read guide, you'll be able to take ownership of your own health.


You'll feel more confident to complete your diet, and more importantly create your own diet

Bring back your Strength

Easy tips and tricks that will change your dieting game forever

Kick start your health

This guide will help you get the right start to the new year! Make 2021 count!

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