The 3 Best Ways To Make a Calorie Surplus Easier

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One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of working out is the calorie surplus. Most people are looking to lose weight. But there are plenty out there that need to gain weight. Hard gainers, or those training for a specific event, need to pack on muscle. And a calorie surplus, where you are ingesting more calories than you expend, is not always so easy, especially when you are sick to death of protein shakes! Let’s show you some of the best ways to get on a calorie surplus.

Don’t Overcook Your Meat

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to ingesting more calories is overcooking everything. If you overcook the meat, it’s not only harder to eat, but it is harder to digest. But that’s not to say that you cannot get out the Kamado Joe BBQs in the summer! Naturally, we all love a barbecue but when it comes to red meat, make sure it is pink in the middle. This makes it easier to digest, and you’re still getting the benefits of the protein intake.

Check the Bioavailability of Your Meat 

We don’t always consider bioavailability of our food, but it can be a great way to get more protein and calories. If you need to improve your protein intake, you got to look at the bioavailability of certain meats and products. The best food in terms of bioavailability is eggs, closely followed by beef. This means that meat like chicken, or even soya, is way down the pecking order, and your body does not utilize a lot. When it comes to ingesting calories, it makes sense now why we see that famous image of Rocky drinking egg yolks. He’s trying to get the calories and protein in, but it doesn’t feel as heavy on the stomach.

Set a Reminder to Eat 

The best thing that anybody can do, especially as hard gainers, is to remind themselves to eat. It might be challenging to sit there and consume two steaks and six eggs in one go, and if you are a hard gainer, there is only so much you can fit in your intestines! But the benefit of being a hard gainer is that you are pretty quick to digest. Set the alarm to eat every two hours, and track your calories. If every couple of hours, you have a handful of nuts and a protein shake, or even collagen protein in coffee, it won’t feel as tough on the stomach, and when you add it all up over a day, you’ve ingested a decent amount of calories and protein.

There is also plenty of calorie-dense protein shakes out there, but there will come the point when we’ve just had enough food. But you can eat little and often, which is why so many bodybuilders have smaller meals.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but if you are a hard gainer and you want to build muscle, a calorie surplus is one of the best ways to do it. 


Implement these three simple steps to help you keep up with your calories. This is so important for building muscle, your growth and overall progress can be greatly limited by a lack of calories. Learn more about sports and exercise nutrition to drive bigger results, faster.

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