The best home exercise equipment 2020

dumbbells and resistance bands
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Are you looking to work out and get fit but continuously find yourself coming up with excuses like ‘Gym is too expensive’ or ‘Gym is always busy’ or even ‘Gym is too far away from home’? I think we all know these quite well.

What if I told you that you do not need to go to the gym to get great results? If your goal is to lose weight and toned then these essentials will help you sweat it out at home – no gym membership needed.

Benefits of working out at home

  • Working out form home is very convenient, you don’t have to go anywhere and you can do your workout at any time of the day
  • The gym has some great equipment but it’s always busy and a lot of the time you have to wait in a que, whereas at home availability is never an issue
  • As mentioned above, the gym is always very busy with hundreds of people using the gym every day the equipment will be covered in a variety of germs. Working from home puts these worries aside.
  • Budget-friendly as you don’t have to pay for any memberships
  • You can enjoy privacy. I think it’s no secret that sometimes wearing tight leggings can feel a little revealing especially if you are going to workout, sweat and bend in variety of ways. If you workout from home you don’t have to worry about any judging and workout comfortably.
  • You can do HIIT or LIIT at the convenience of sweating in your own home.

The best home workout equipment

1. Weighted arm bands

Weighted arm bands are low in weight but low weight can go a long way. Think about wearing 2kg on your wrists while you workout or even do your daily chores, I’m sure you’d feel the burn in no time. These bands can be great for cardio and strength training as well as being used for improving balance and yoga. If you are looking for quality wrist bands, you should make sure these have adjustable straps so you can alter the tightness on your wrists, make sure that the material is soft and not scratchy as nothing is worst than itching wrists during your workout and the last great feature to keep an eye for Interior-absorb moisture. You can check out the weighted arm bands below, these have all the three features ensuring great quality.

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2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are amazing for creating resistance for a variety of workouts like squats, glute bridges and banded walks. You can place them around your knees, quads or ankles depending on the type of exercise you do. You can also place them around your wrists to train your arms. If you are looking for quality resistance bands and ones that will create enough resistance for you to get the most out of them, I would suggest getting bands that are made from both polyester and fabric and latex because that makes them stronger, thicker and non-slippery. Check out the handpicked resistance bands below, not only these come in different resistance strength, a carrying pouch, workout ideas but are also made from latex and polyester so you are for sure getting high quality bands.

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3. Weighted Jump Rope

Skipping rope is not only fun but very tiring especially if the rope is weighted. You will likely expend a lot more calories by continuously using your arms and shoulders lifting the weighted rope as well as toning your legs while jumping. Bring back your childhood memories while you sweat it out! There a several quality features to look out for before purchasing a jump rope.

Make sure that the handles are not plastic, these should be made of foam or aluminium to make sure your hands don’t slip and if you stand on them then they won’t break easily. Another feature is the thickness of the cable as well as its adjustability, you want to make sure the cable is a little thicker than usual as this stops it from tangling and you want to make sure that the cable is adjustable so you can adjust the length according to your height. The last thing would be a bearing system in the handle which enables fast and easy rotations. I personally use the one below, it has all the features mentioned and if you didn’t like it, it’s 100% money back guarantee.

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4. Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are a great way to create versatile home workouts, these can be used to develop explosive power and build body strength. You can use a medicine ball for intensifying some exercises like; squat and reach; push ups; ball roll outs; ball slams; shoulder twists; Russian twists; crossover twists and forward toss. Medicine balls are a great way of increasing resistance and adding weight to your workouts. If you are looking to buy a medicine ball make sure it has a textured rubbery surface so it won’t slip off your hands so easily. Below you can find a great selection of medicine balls that come in variety of weights so you can get the weight that fits your fitness level.

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5. Kettlebells

From squats, single-leg deadlifts to swings, kettlebells are an essential part of your home workout equipment. These are very convenient and can be added to almost any exercise thanks to the perfectly placed handle. A kettlebell can be used for full body workouts, cardio and strength training. A pro tip here, make sure that the kettlebell has a neoprene coating for floor protection. The last thing you want to do is damage or make any heavy scratches on your floor. My personal favourite dumbbells are from Body revolution. Check out their selection of kettlebells, their weights go between 1-24kg so you can also progress heavier with these.

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6. Exercise Bench

The exercise bench can be a great way to add some intensity to your workout. These exercise benches are often adjustable in height, so you can use them not only as a lying bench or as a step. These small adjustments are great because this enables you to use the bench for a huge variety of exercises. For instance, chest press, step-ups, box jumps, incline bench press and tricep dips. Therefore, when buying exercise bench, make sure that the height is adjustable. You can check out this exercise bench below. This bench is a little set that comes with 3 adjustable plates which is amazing as normally benches come with only 1or 2! In addition, it also comes with anti-rutsch-matte which is a mat you can use for other exercises or simply keeping the bench in place if you have a wooden or tiled floor.

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7. Yoga Mat

One of the biggest issues about working from home is the lack of soft mat. Doing your abs or any exercise that requires you to touch, jump or lye on the floor can be very uncomfortable and rather painful on your lower back or be quite harsh on your wrists and other joints. Therefore, getting a yoga mat can be a great way to reduce the strain on your joints and lower back. The great thing about yoga mats is that you can roll them up and store them almost anywhere. Check out the below eco friendly and non-slip mat.

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8. Resistance Band Set

Earlier in this article you’ve read that resistance bands are a great way to add resistance and intensity to your workout but there are more than just looped resistance bands. You can also get ones with handles that can be used for more exercises. For instance, these can be used for shoulder press, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and military press. These resistance bands give you a lot more versatility to your workout. Check out this set that allows you to perform full body workouts and these also come in different weights. 

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9. Balancing Ball

 A balancing ball is so underrated, it not only helps with your posture but also strengthens your core muscles. Have you ever heard of training technique called ‘time under tension’? This is a technique that strengthens muscle quite effectively by placing them under strain for longer than a normal rep. An example of a time-under-tensing exercise is a push-up where you pause for 3-5 secs when you are in the lower part of the push-up. This is similar with a balancing ball, just by trying to balance on it, you place your core under so much strain for a lengthier period of time. I can easily say that a balancing ball is a very effective way  of strengthening your core.

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10. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a great way to add weight and intensity to your workouts. For instance you can use light weights to tone up and heavier dumbbells for building muscle. Dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises like back exercises (flyes, single arm rows), shoulder exercises (shoulder press, military press, all around the world), leg exercises (pulsing squats, squats, lunges, walking lunges, glute bridges) as well as arm exercises (bicep curl, tricep kickback, hammer curls). Check out the dumbbells below, these are neoprene to protect your floor and come in variety of colours and weights. 

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DIY home exercise equipment

If you prefer to get creative and make some home equipment with things you can find in your house you can try some of the below techniques.

1. If you have a back pack, you can easily place heavy things inside your back pack, tighten the back straps and use it as a barbell or a dumbbell. I personally use this technique and I add my ankle weights in there, rice bags, protein powder bag, pasta bags and any full cleaning bottles. Just add anything that can add weight to the back pack.

2. Use milk or water bottles as dumbbells. This is a great way to add weight to your workout. Just remember 1litre weighs 1kg!

3. Use a broom stick with a 4 pack of cans or water bottles. Simply detach the broom stick from the brush, and pierce the broom stick through the middle of a 4-pack of cans or water bottles. And there you go, you have a barbell.


With all these essential goodies you do not need to go to the gym. Home workouts can be very effective for weight loss or toning if you utilise these essential or get creative with things you can find around the house! Hope you enjoyed, let me know below which equipment you are looking to try. If you’ve enjoyed the content, please subscribe to our newsletter. You will receive notifications when new posts are uploaded, nutrition and exercise tips as well as exclusive discounts. Below you can subscribe and download your copy of 20 FREE exercise and nutrition tips and 6 Fat Loss Recipes.


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