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Running is a great endurance exercise to maintain your health and fitness levels. However, running without appropriate shoes can have a painful effect on feet, ankles and even lower back

In this post, we will go over why running shoes are important and do a comparison between different styles to help you choose the best running shoes for you.

What are running shoes?

Running shoes are trainers that are specifically designed to absorb the impact of pounding between your foot and the pavement. Normally running shoes are tight to stop the toes naturally curling when in the air as this places strain on the foot and nerves. If this is the case, you are likely to experience some tenderness in the sole of your foot. Overall, the features to look out for in running shoes are:

  • Superior cushioning to support the heal and minimise impact on joints
  • Certain flexibility
  • Tight in certain areas to keep foot stable
  • Breathability to minimise sweat and odour

Why are running shoes important?


Have you ever run or walked for over 2-3 miles and found your shins getting stiff and painful? Or have you ever stood at work for hours to find your lower back stiff at the end of the day? If you have then your shoes maybe the cause.

When you walk or run, your foot naturally rolls slightly inwards to lower the impact of pounding between your foot and the pavement. This natural preservation of joints is called pronation. However, sometimes the foot can move too far inwards (overpronation) or doesn’t roll inwards enough (supination). These may be the cause of the pain along your shins, also known as shin splints. To check if you are one of the people who overpronate or supinate just take a look at the inside of your trainers. Overpronation causes excessive wear and tear on the inside edge of the soles whereas supination can cause wear and tear on the outside edge of the soles.

Overpronation is very common amongst runners with flat feet.

Running shoes for overpronation

If you overpronate you need to find shoes that are firm on the arch of the foot but softer on the outside to maximise the shock absorption. Some of the best shoes for overpronation are the Nike Odyssey React and the Nike Zoom structure 22.

Running shoes for supination

If you supinate then you need shoes that are designed with remarkable cushioning and shock absorption. The best shoes that are engineered to limit supination are the Pegasus Running Trainers, Nike Infinity run and the Nike Joyride shoes.

Budget friendly running shoes

Nike is well known for their beautiful and supportive designs but not everyone can afford them. So, we’ve taken a look at some alternatives on Amazon and check out what we found below!

Men’s running shoes

The Under Armour Charged Pursuit trainers have been engineered with comfort and function in mind. These athletic shoes are breathable and contain foam padding around the ankle collar and under the tongue to keep the foot stable. You can check them out on Amazon here.

ASICA Men’s GT-1000 8 trainers are perfect for overpronators. Its design helps to keep the foot at a natural angle to limit overpronating. In addition, these trainers are waterproof and breathable so you can run anywhere and in any weather. You can check them out on Amazon too.

Women’s running shoes

ASICS Women’s GT-1000 8 trainers offer optimal comfort and cushioning, and also keeps the foot at a natural angle to limit overpronation. These trainers, similarly to men’s ASICS trainers, are waterproof and breathable so you can enjoy freshness and dryness no matter what the weather is.

New balance women’s trainers are great for versatility and flexibility support. Their design is breathable with sleek and elegant style.

Most common questions

running upstairs

Why are running shoes so expensive?

They are fairly expensive because they are specifically engineered to provide cushioning and tenderness in specific areas to support stability and encourage the foot to move in a natural way liming overpronation and supination. This takes a lot of time, effort and love for sport!

Can running shoes be used for the gym?

Yes, of course. These shoes provide great comfort and stability so they are great for the gym. However, gym shoes that are specific for weight lifting are not good for runners as these usually have thin soles and cushion support in places that are not useful for runners.

What are shin splints?

There is a nerve between your shin bone and muscle, and when you’re running your muscle inflames which causes the nerve to be pressed against the bone. This can lead to disabling pain along your shins. If you suffer from shin splints make sure to regularly use an ice pack to reduce muscle inflammation and massage the shins with two fingers running alongside the shin bone. In addition, invest money into good running shoes mentioned in this post.


Choosing the right shoes for running is an important aspect of your healthy lifestyle. Using shoes that are not specifically designed for running can cause shin splints, lower back pains and joint problems.

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