Sports Nutrition & Exercise programs

Workout plans carefully designed for each goal. Whether you are looking for strength training workouts or aerobic exercise, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Workouts suitable for both men and women.

Features and Benefits

Dedicated Personal Trainer

You will receive a dedicated online coach who will answer every question, and guide you through your journey.

Instructional Videos

Every exercise is supported with instructional videos so you're never left confused.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Depending on the program you choose, you will receive a nutrition plan tailored specifically to your body and your goal.

Maybe you’re looking for one-to-one online coaching with a dedicated personal trainer and nutritionist?

Impressive Results

We don’t just talk the talk, we walked the walk. 

“Hey, it’s Paula and I am the founder of Nutrition2Change.  I want to share my story with you to show you how I managed to turn my life around. 

Firstly let me tell you I am an emotional eater and after I gained weight due to University stress which caused me to overeat, I knew I had to do something about it. I felt down, demotivated and horrible, and then I started to feel my body wiggle as I walked. I think that’s when my heart broke and I worked harder than ever before. 

This is my personal 6 month journey using my nutrition and exercise knowledge. Don’t wait for tomorrow, make changes today!”

Are you looking for a personalised diet?

Personalised Diet and Nutrition plan

A personalised diet is exactly what you need to drive results.

Alongside our exercise programs we also offer personalised diets and nutrition plans. Firstly, choose your exercise plan and according to the length of that exercise plan, you can choose the length of your diet plan. It’s as simple as that.

Our Happy Clients!

I wanted to get in shape for a holiday in 16 weeks so she was the obvious choice.
She spent the time getting to know me and finding out what I wanted to achieve, being professional at all times and making sure she was meeting my needs and wanting to produce a eating and workout plan that was tailored to me and allow me room to manoeuvre if life got in the way and still accommodate my chocolate habit and party lifestyle.
When I received my eating and workout plan I couldn’t be happier!

a happy customer


Professional, informative and helpful.

Nutrition2Change is helping me to be more conscious of what I am eating and given me the help I need to lose weight.

Paula’s non judgmental, compassionate approach is a help on those days when a bit of extra encouragement is needed.

happy customers

Mrs Morrison

I started an ABS programme with Nutrition2Change and I liked very much that there are options for going to the gym or doing it in the comfort of your home. Paula was very good at creating a schedule based on my lifestyle and suggested few tricks to help me keep the good habit in place for as long as possible. I think she is very good at listening and the team is doing a great research before they go out and make any suggestions, so I trust them as a source.

Well done team! Happy I choose you👍

a happy customer