Why Can Healthy Food Sometimes Taste So Bad?


It seems to be a truth everyone understands that healthy foods are just not nice. Of course, some healthy foods are really great when they’re fresh, such as watermelon. But many others are simply not; they can be bitter and hard to swallow and that can put you off for life. Kids in particular can screw up their face and turn down a plate of fresh veggies! 

But when you’re an adult and have a huge stake in your healthy diet, it’s important to find that balance between typically healthy and ‘unhealthy’ foods that’s right for you. And this post is here to help with that. Not all foods that are good for you are bad and the points below will prove it. 

You Just Haven’t Found What You Like

How many fruits and vegetables do you eat during the week? In an ideal world you’d have 5 a day, but for most people that’s a pipedream. After all, apples and bananas can get boring after a while and baking zucchini or broccoli into pasta dishes can sometimes unbalance the flavor palette. But you can do away with these problems with one simple method: experiment! 

There are so many fruits and vegetables out there and there’s a very good chance you just haven’t found what you like yet. Maybe you’re more of a carrot person, as they’re quite sweet? Maybe you could mix some yogurt and fruit pots together for a healthy, nutritious breakfast some days? Eat as much as you can to find what you like and then stick to it! 

Some Cooking Methods Are Better Than Others

Cooking can be a tasty and fun activity, as long as you know why a certain method is more popular than others. For example, many people don’t like the taste of boiled vegetables and choose to roast them instead – why not try the same? 

If you hate baking something, why not try frying it in olive or peanut oil? Overall, some cooking methods are much better than others depending on your taste buds, and you just need to try out a few different appliances to find what works for you. 

You Can Add Supplementary Flavors! 

When it comes to making delicious meals and desserts, you don’t have to eat things plain. No one really enjoys a salad that has nothing but lettuce leaves and tomatoes in it – that’s what salad dressings are for! You can add sprinkles of flavor here and there to ensure you actually enjoy what you eat. 

Forcing yourself to eat something that you hate is not a foundation for a good relationship with food! So have salt out at the dinner table, add some sweet strawberries or raspberries to your bowl of muesli, and use grated cheese liberally on top of pasta and rice dishes. 

Healthy food doesn’t have to taste horrible. Experiment with flavors, add a few spices to your meals, and try out different cooking methods to fix any texture issues. 

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